The Miracle Machine

Computers are the most phenomenal of man’s inventions. They have been easing our lives for many decades now. They are present in our lives now. It has become a very irreplaceable thing in all our lives. Computers have dominated all the aspects of our lives. It has become an inevitable part of our living times. We even have computers to do simple functions of our lives. We have computers that can replace humans. Computer has inhibited every part of our life. Computer resides in every house, everywhere.

We people cannot imagine a life without computers nowadays. We wouldn’t know what to do without our computers to look into! But can you imagine a time in the past where all these were considered futuristic and nerdy? Can you imagine a time when all these technologies were not there and people actually talked to each other – face to face and had time for each other?

Before 1943 there wasn’t a thing called computers, at least not in material! World’s first computer ENIAC was first put into use in 1943. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was used to calculate artillery firing tables. An ENIAC has 17,468 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, 1,500 relays, 6000 manual switches, 5 million soldiered joints and used 160 kWhs of electrical power to work.

ENIAC was invented in the University of Pennsylvania. It is said that when ENIAC is in action, houses around the neighbourhood had electricity problems. It was literally catastrophic with ENIAC. ENIAC had a large consumption of electricity. It also occupied a large amount of place. It almost covered 3 floors in University of Pennsylvania.

Along with all the paraphernalia, it has to have all the current it needs and as I said its consumption is really very high. As the technology began becoming efficient, the size of the machines began decreasing and even their efficiency began increasing.

As the revolution started, in 1965 Gordon.E.Moore coined the Moore’s law. It states that the number of transistors that are used in a computer doubles every 2 years. It wasn’t a law when he said it and was merely a prediction, an observation that he foresees. Fortunately for him it became true from the year 1965 to 2013. From 2013 the upgradation began every 3 years. In 2013 there were 3 million more transistors in use than there were in 1965.

The Apple A8 xProcessor of 2014 has 3 billion processors which renders it powerful enough to compete with the supercomputers made in 1990s. It means it took us 20 years of exponential chip development to reach this type of efficiency in mobile devices.

Back when ENIAC was the buzz of the day, transistors, that we talk about today, weren’t anywhere in the horizon. There were vacuum tubes. When an ENIAC was working, vacuum tubes constantly came out and the users had to stick it in. but in our latest gadgets powered by dual core Itanium 2 has 1,700,000,000 transistors put into 596 mm².

As the technology progresses we look for other realms that we can conquer. Some of the most recent inventions are Protein Computers, Graphene Computers, and DNA Computers etc. Scientists have already been engaging themselves in the production of these computers. With such technologies in line, one need not be cautious of any apocalypse, as technology is the case.

As technologies build up, the energies used have been evolving and getting smaller day by day. ENIAC had used watts of electricity and energy while some of the computers and technologies at work today don’t need half of the energy that ENIAC used.

In the yonder past, no one not even the brightest of scientists then thought that the technology would be so developed. Once Bill Gates, the greatest tech revolutionary we have ever seen, had said that 640 Kb of RAM is all that anyone would need at any point of time.

Such was the days and look at the change we have witnessed in the technology front – now that’s vast, huge and exponential. Best is yet to be!

Top 7 Ways To Get More Business Through Internet



When the world is on the internet, it is only obvious that all the successful businesses of future holds its grip on the internet too. It is inevitable to ignore the internet business opportunities and the power digital gadgets have on the business as well as individuals. There are various ways to keep your website live through the internet. Few of them are jotted below for you.

Online Website Creation

A website is the primary footstep of your business into the world of internet for beginners. The website is your mark of identity that reveals about you, your strengths, your offers, your services etc. It can also carry basic information about you, a brief profile and contact information. Thus a website is your investment in the business and becomes your window into the vast world of internet. Your website can also play host to your promotions and advertisements thus becoming a platform for people to recognize you. It can pave way for a very successful online business.

SEO services for your website

Now every field of business possesses competition of high order. At times like these, a website alone is never enough. Every one of your competitors is sure to have a website and grab online business opportunities, so what makes you stand apart from them – that’s what will fetch a success for your business. A way to stand out good would be to engage in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website. SEO process will make sure that it pushes your website up in the online search engine rating; making your website one among the top ten, making it successful.

Social Media Promotions

Social media is the ‘in’ thing these days. Many online social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc are used on a daily basis by people. As they spent their life’s major part online on social media sites, it only makes sense to promote your business through these sites as well, to invite more online opportunities. These platforms allow you ways to promote your online business too. So do start a page or an account for your business and start promoting them on a regular basis with good ideas. You can enhance these promotion and advertisement results by going in for paid campaigns.

Email Promotions

Emails are the most important part of an office environment. A person is sure to check his/her email first thing in the morning. Running a few promotions online through emails never hurt anyone and they also help in business becoming successful. If your recipient is not interested in the offer, they may spam you – the greatest downfall of an online email promotion campaign.

Online Advertisements

People nowadays are online for quite a long time. So why not advertise your business online when they are surfing. You can create an advertisement stating your offers & packages and can advertise it on your website, your social media pages or in popular search engines like Google, Bing etc. wherein people are sure to come up with really good online business opportunities for you.

List Your Business on Google Map

This is fairly a new and innovative way. Google has a tendency to push the Google Map results to the top ten of the online result. So please do pin your business on the Google map along with apt keywords and descriptions. When someone searches for something including a place, Google shows up the result with the map, making it easy to spot and reach too.

Start a Blog for your company

Online netizens would always like to read about the company and its success. A blog is a wonderful way to do the same. Success stories about the team and projects are all big boosters for the online business opportunities that come the company’s way.

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9 Things You Probably Did Not Know About WordPress for Websites

9 Things You Probably Did Not Know About WordPress for Websites


As a Content Management System, WordPress for websites has been becoming popular among masses. There is a big chunk of people who are solely dependent on WordPress for website design. Initially a blogging site, due to its many features and versatile options most people use it as a tool to manage their normal website. The following are some of the reasons people use WordPress to empower their websites.


You will need to know the technical know-hows of a web development to make any changes in a website – be it images, fonts or texts. You will have either do a course in it or study computer languages from scratch. For a beginner, editing website content becomes a very risky business. One wrong move and the whole website design can come crashing down. But with WordPress, creating a website for your business is much easier. Without much of an effort, you can add, edit, and remove your contents in WordPress. You can even change images, texts, text styles etc.


Once your web developer delivers your project, you can extend the features and contents of your website all by yourself, being a beginner. With WordPress, you can always find more plugins and extensions.


In a typical traditional website, the number of website pages that you can add can be minimum and limited. For a page to be added you will have to engage a web developer and you may even have to pay for him extra. But with WordPress in your hand, you can add as many pages as you wish to your website, all by yourself from scratch. The number of pages that can be added is unlimited in this case.


If you are going to have a business that is spread across many countries and cities, you would need a local website for each of them. This local website would need to carry the local flavor too. Worry not! WordPress allows you to duplicate your single site to as many as you want and guess what you can also customize them to bring in the much looked for local flavor, thus helping you to create a website for your business!


Being an open source CMS, WordPress engages thousands of developers every year, in a pursuit of perfection. They strive to make WordPress the best. As a result, all users get monthly updates providing much more security and a lot more cool features and all for free!


Rebranding a company is an interesting process. But what do you do with the previous website? You will have to start from the scratch. But with WordPress, you can easily export and import your website content to the new address.


WordPress for websites are very search-engine friendly making Google, Bing, and others recognizing it more easily. Apart from that, you can also get plugins or extensions to optimize your website, especially for SEO purpose.


WordPress has been there for around more than 0 years. It handles bugs or any errors with ease and never crashes, making it all the worse for the user. It never loses your data and is trusted by millions out there!


WordPress for a website can make updating easier, allowing you to update your website with your recent offers and discounts. It has an easy interface that allows you to easily update contents on the website just like a blog, without any technical knowledge.

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7 Digital marketing strategies to look out in 2017

digital marketing strategies 2017

Digital marketing has been the order of the day. It has been an arena with vast possibilities and opportunities. The digital world has been nothing short of a fairy tale for the marketing platform. It has opened a whole new window to the world. Digital marketing, much like any form of marketing, has been subject to many trends and eras. 2017 is not an exception and the year has opened a couple of new trends. It can pave way for new results in the big, bad business world! There are various ways to get more business through internet. You have to explore all the important trends.

Some trends of 2017 are listed here, once that are too good that you just can’t ignore or not afford to take up on!


Contents are the most important pieces of an advertisement. When wielded in the right way, content can be the most spectacular element in an advertisement. With brochures, pamphlets, and other elements becoming very popular, content marketing is the new 2017 trend to look out for. Contents that are unique, catchy and marketable are the trend now. Content marketing is said to attract 56% of the audience to a promotion, campaign or ad. Compared to traditional marketing tools, content marketing is said to generate 3 times more leads and audience.


This has been a rage in few recent years and this is a trend that’s going to be a success mantra in the later half of 2017. This is a sure shot leap into success if you know what media to concentrate on, based on the customers or clients you attract. Once you identify them and go about doing the marketing diligently, success is sure to be by your side. On the lower side, a small move and it can take decades for you to recover as it is the social world, the virtual world that we are dealing with!


Smartphones are the ‘in’ thing and owning one of the most expensive ones can land you into the category of ‘cool ones’! When mobile is so much important for us, marketing through them is only an obvious option. Mobiles are devices that are going to be with us for a lifelong period. Missing them, when their batteries die or when they stop working, we lose our control. So marketing through them is definitely going to work and is going to be your ‘smart’ move to success. 90% of times spent on our smartphones are spent on different apps. Apps can host your advertisements and you just can’t really ignore them while you are on to the app. this is one of the major areas of concentration on mobile marketing.


Bots are suddenly the talk of the town. Bots are technology that can mimic human behavior. Chat bots are increasing becoming famous. Chat bots allow you to chat to a machine about anything regarding a topic and it would reply. You wouldn’t know it is not a human, even for a second. For example, if you have access to a movie bot, you can ask all about the movies running, show times, seat availability etc. if chat bots can be used for marketing, it can revolutionize the way we shop. Instead of aimlessly going through one shop after another, a bot can help you locate your dream – instantly and absolutely glitch-free.


Technology that surpasses human behavior and intelligence are going to be the order of the day. It is going to change how marketing ticks and can ease the manpower contributed into marketing. Digital assistance have been employed by a few big names in technology. This beckons that AI is a trend that is sure to watch out for and it is technology that is here to stay!


With so many options on the internet and the whole world at your disposal, marketers have a hard time cracking various strategies to put to use all the information that is being given to them. Marketers of today have plenty of platforms to market, making it a wide and risky choice. But the internet takes it and gives you such ripe fruits that you think – ‘it’s worth it!’


People all over the world have embraced the Virtual reality. Marketers find it the most attractive strategy. People are more open to these new trends and technologies. So marketers are trying to bring in their products into virtual reality platforms. Product and elements that immerse the viewers inside, giving out a feeling of all reality – that’s what Virtual reality has to offer you. People enjoy it and so they are on to it!

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