How To Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

How To Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

You business can be a big zero without content marketing. So what is the definition of content marketing? Content generation is at the core of any business promotion. It is the mantra of any successful business promotion. Why is content marketing so important? Does video content has importance nowadays? Lets see. There are mainly 2 types of content content marketing strategies that companies all over the world generates to fuel their business. They are:

Primary Fuel and Nuclear Fuel

Primary fuel is the content you generate regularly to attract people from different walks of life. These are the daily articles and posts you do for your business to get more people to know and see your company. They are primarily how content marketing jobs work! These are also employed by content marketing agencies.

The How-To articles

Tell people how to do a very famous thing that people are on look out to do and also small business can also generate content. Give a step by step clear instruction that people can follow. Provide pictures or screenshots so that people can know if they are doing the right thing.this way your article has every chance of people sharing it to their near and dear ones. Now that can make it go viral.

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews on various subjects are another hot topic when it comes to content marketing. Interviews of people gives a sneak peak into what happens in their life as well as their profession. This would become a news to share and would also be a news to many people.

Case Studies

Case studies of companies that do good to the world are an inspiration to the world around. People tend to share such content more studies give us inspirations as well as they also give us a sense of direction when it comes to business activities and everything.

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Breaking News

Breaking news is another very trending topic. Breaking news can be catchy in a content marketing strategy. People would be able to browse the breaking news in the blogs and websites. Breaking news is one of the easiest ways to garner readers as well as shares and likes.

Nuclear Fuel

These are few contents that is made to propel your business beyond its competitions.

Reports based on surveys

Websites conduct surveys with their customers and they publish the results in these blogs and websites. Annual sales report, customer survey etc are the most written ones in this category.


Contests are the most done articles on any site. Conduct any type of contest and then give away the prize or write about the contest as an activity. This can be very interesting thing to read as well as share with other people.

There are a few other things you can look into when it comes to content marketing for a company or business.

Increase your content quality

Content quality is another very important marker. Content quality is the quality of all types of content you will display in your website or blog. The content you have displayed is to be of high quality. High quality content is always appreciated more, seen more and shared more. Thus it aids in content marketing strategies.

Appeal to the local market

What you write in the internet will obviously be read by many people in many countries but for a content to be successfully marketed one must also add a little bit of local flavour into it. This can boost your shares and likes.

Engage your current as well as future fan base

Always keep your readers and fans in mind when you do a content. Be  sure that you can engage them fully in your content. engaging them is the key to your business’ success.

These are few things that you will need to look at when it comes to content marketing. examples of big successful companies will show you that they have all become successful just because of an effective and foolproof content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is the need of the hour. It boosts the business and it brings out the best when it comes to your business. For contents that will surely bring your company to its fame’s zenith, let Color Mean Creative Studio, web design and branding  agency in Dubai, do it! You will never be disappointed! Contact us today for further details.

Important Logo Designing Rules You Should Never Forget

Designing is purely the work of creativity. Creativity has no rules and so when it comes to designing anything, it doesn’t have any cut and dried rule. You can’t ask creativity to follow any particular rule or order. But however as is the case of any art that evolves, designing too has got few rules that people seldom dare to break. However, nowadays people are encouraged to break rules or at least explore them to create magic through their designs. Responsive web designs also gained prominence nowadays.

However one of the most common thing a designer will always design is a logo. So there are a few rules when it comes to designing logos. These are some rules and regulations that you should follow if you would want to come up with a decent logo. So what makes a good logo design? They are listed below.


Logo is an identity of your business. Your logo needs to be like you and your business – unique. Uniqueness is a quality that people look at for you. Imitation someone’s logo can backfire immediately. You are actually giving away the identity of your business to someone when you imitate their logo.


Many people do not actually get the real meaning of this word Timeless. Being a timeless logo doesn’t mean you are not allowed to change it or that you will have to predict what will work in the coming years and then incorporate it in the logo made.

Being timeless simply means being neutral and not indulging in the time’s trends when it comes to logos. Trends keep changing all the time. From season to season, trends keep shifting. So when it comes to logo, not succumbing to them can do you real good.

Gimmicks free

Classy, decent logos can always strike a chord with people. Apart from filters and other gimmicks when a logo is accepted as it is, it is the biggest happiness. Gimmicks probably would work for a given time. But it may not be the case as of long term efficiency. Gimmicks may actually give away the quality of your work.


When it is a company, you would want to paste your logo on everything – your promotions, your office walls, stationeries etc. for this to happen the logo must be very versatile. It must be adaptable to all these scenarios. You must also have a black and white version of your logo for the usage in various promotion and advertisement purposes. There are also standard logo sizes that needs to be followed for adaptability of the logo designed.


The logo must be very scalable and people must be able to recognize your logo even when it is half an inch size. There mustn’t be scrawny writing as it can’t be deciphered in the half an inch space. You will have to blow it up to really huge size and also to a very small space as tiny as a postage stamp. I all depends upon the logo design size in photoshop. So to be good when scaled is another important factor when it comes to logos.

Color is secondary

Colors of a logo should always come secondary as it shouldn’t be the dominating factor in the logo. If such is the cse, as said in the scalability issue, the relevance of the logo may be lost when it is scaled or made into a black and white version. A success of the logo should never be based on its colors and that means your logo is standing on a rather shaky foundation.

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Aspect Ratio of a logo

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the logo compared to the canvas it is on that is standard logo size for print. You wouldn’t want a too tall or a too wide logo as it may not be aesthetically good. A square logo is what works the best aesthetically. And design elements poking out of the basic shape of the logo can also affect the amount of space the logo takes up on a page as it should also be logical as well as economical.

But all these are the case of creativity and as we said earlier creativity has no rules and cannot be bound by any rules. At times to get a good logo that can go places, you may have to break every rule said above. So it cannot be always said that these rules should be followed. They are the common ones but if they needs to be broken they need to be broken.

Logos are very important part of any business. A logo in place saves a lot of money as well as hardwork. Besides logo is also a part of your brand identity. For logos that people can relate to and identify you with, approach ColorMean Creative Studio, branding and web design agency in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.

Most Essential Elements For A Better UX Design

Some people believe that a success of a website is because of the mere luck of the creator. Yes, a website needs a lot of luck to be successful. But you need to be intelligent too to be successful. Especially for a successful website, a smart and better UX is very important. User experience is very important when it comes to a website. So, responsive web design has a great importance now. After all it is for these users that we make these websites.

So what is user experience? Simply putting it, User experience means the satisfaction a person gets when they use a website. It can include the clarity of the layout, the ease of use and other security reasons.

User experience isn’t all that we see in this surface level definition. User experience has the ability to affect all the aspects of the website from its success to usability. It is also an idea that you can influence and affect the website interactions and experience through thorough planning and research.

So when it comes to elements that constitute to make a better user experience design is very tricky. When it comes to a UX it depends on many matter whether the UX becomes successful or not.  It has a framework that works with a common template and there are a few points that are essential for a successful UX experience of a website.


Adding value to the services and expectations of your website is one of the essentials of a UX of a is very important when it comes to maintaining a very firm customer base. It is an intersection of services and products you offer. You should also understand the value of your web presence. Be sure that the value of the user you serve is as same as the intended value of yourself.

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Usability is one of the main principle of UX. If a website is not user friendly, no one is going to care a dime about it. Usability is the prime reason why a UX becomes so successful. It helps people connect with what is inside in a website. When a website connects with people, it becomes successful only because of the quality of UX.


Adapting to the device or be it any situation is a very high ranking ability in humans as well as a website. Adaptability is the amount of ease your new as well as old users find in coming back to your website – the navigation, the presentation and the basic interface. When a user who was accessing your site in PC decides to change it to mobile. Your user experience increases when they can view the website in the same layout as it was in PC. They feel a lot more connected to you and vice versa.


As for humans as well as a website desirability and the desire quotient is much important. The attraction you will have towards certain websites are not as same as the vibes you have for the other websites. User interface as well as user experience plays an important part in the desirability of a website. A modern user interface is enough to ignite that desirability in people’s mind with regards to websites.

Some of other things one needs to take care when it comes to UX are:

The first impression

The first impression that you create on people are very important. When people enter into your website, they need to be impressed – by the content, the presentation, the layout etc.

A system to bring back lost viewers

A drill wherein people who have stopped coming to your site are intimidated and wants to come back. Every website wants such a system in place.    

Credibility and customer satisfaction

Credibility is one of the most important element in a website. Credibility needs to be intact for business to grow up. If you are not credible no business is gonna work out. Customer satisfaction is also very important for business and other things too.

Websites are very important for a business in these days. A business that doesn’t have a website is considered obsolete. And now just any website isn’t working, a one with good user interface as well as experience is what works. For such ‘this generation’ website, contact us – ColorMean Creative Studio, a branding and web design agency in Dubai.

How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

Video contents have been the most popular part of social media marketing lately. Marketing with words or content has been the trend of past as videos and visual storytelling has been the call of the day in this tech century. Content doesn’t have the power to make people sit up and take notice. You need to have an engaging video content that can engage people and make them stay in your page or to make them read what you have written. Multimedia works the best in these cases.

So a video content can take your company from being a zero to a hero. These videos do engage more people from more age group. When you give people a page full of words and a video, people would obviously go to the video content because that engages them and helps drive the point home – straight, sharp and to the ‘T’!

How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

More than 74% of people see 3/4th of a video that is uploaded in the internet. They have a high engaging rank and people are hooked up in seeing one video after another. More video content has been generated by uploaded in the internet than it has been broadcasted on tv for 2 decades. Such is the power of video content on netizens.

It is estimated that around 33% 0f smartphone and tablet users view 2 hours of video content daily. 55% of people watch video content on internet daily. With such huge engagement and participation, who wouldn’t want their followers and likers to watch a video uploaded by them.

So why is it really necessary for a company to put up video content for its follower? There are somethings that a video can give your company that nothing else can give you. Lets see what it gives to its followers.

Boosts Conversions and Sales

An interesting video in the landing page of your website can be a game change for you and your company. It is said that the video on your website’s landing page can increase your company’s conversions. It is also said that people usually end up buying products they saw in a video. Thus it can also increase your sales value.

Great Return of Investment

Even though a video is not the easiest to pull off or make, it has great return of investment. It is not really very easy to make one and upload it. But with all the editing tools and softwares constantly updating their tools, it has become fairly easy to edit a video and make it presentable. Moreover it has been researched and found that a video need not be flawless every time. The perfect example is YouTube.The viewers are just into details gathering through a video. A poorly explained video can be a bad mark but never a poorly edited one!

The Trust Factor

Trust is a very important factor when it comes to conversions and sales. Building up trust can be a huge task. Trust is the foundation of it all. It is researched and found that videos on your website can up the trust factor among your potential clients and customers. In this era of internet shopping, there are people who are afraid to do so fearing fake products. A video on your products and their delivery can work wonders on your customer’s psyche.


Google has been loving videos a much too much nowadays. So they have been listing websites with videos on the landing page. The ranking of such videos and websites have been high. For SEO purpose, it is very much easier for a website with landing video to be ranked in Google. You can even optimize your video for youtube for a wider and larger range.

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Mobile Users

Mobile users are likely to view videos on the go. The advertisements that we skip in the tv are viewed by mobile video watchers. Somehow it appeals to them more when they watch it on their small screen or on the go. But video makers should be aware of the interference they do to the individual mobile users.


Videos can explain things in a more precise and correct way than words can. Words can be interpreted in many ways while the video has it all spelt and explained for correctly. If you want people to be aware of something or to be cautioned for something or something similar to it a video van work wonders in making people understand and engage themselves.


Even the laziest person can be engaged using a video. It appeals to everyone and anyone in any age group. It can educate, entertain and liberate any individual. Visual media is that powerful!

Social Shares

The most number of social shares are for videos. They contribute to the most number of activities in various social media.

These are the reasons why you should be promoting a video on your website or social media networks!

Videos are much better tools of understanding for people. Multimedia like videos have a lasting impression on people’s mind & that can be a head start in the business. We, Color Mean Creative Studio, a branding and web design agency in Dubai, can create engaging videos for business. Contact us today for further details.

A Complete Guide On Social Media Marketing

When you define Social media sites, they are one of the most used tools in this internet world. Social media sites are used to be socially active by the teenagers of this age. They are also used by agencies across the world to market and publicize various brands and others. Social media marketing opens up window to various courses based on it for professionally marketing through internet. Companies socialize through these sites with each other and elders too as part of a social strategy. Nowadays everybody are on social media, would want to communicate and market themselves or to get more business through internet. It is in the last century that social media became a fad and a trend too.

In this age when people are very busy for anything, it is social media that connects them all to the world back. Most of the people on this earth use Facebook on a daily basis as they have benefits with it of communication. If Facebook is considered a country it would be the 3rd largest country only after China and India. In such a situation, it is highly recommended that every organization start off their online marketing through these highly popular social media platforms.

A complete guide on social media marketing

Your customers are always online and they interact constantly with their friends, acquaintances etc. They are constantly in search of information, queries, entertainment etc. If your company is not there in the social media to answer them, another company may grab the opportunity which was rightfully yours.

So why does your company want to do social media marketing? A social media site will not be able to make up all of your company’s image, but it will be able to built up on the image that you have created with goodwill and honesty. The social media marketing is just a extension of that image. You can just extend that image in the internet world.

Advantages of a business when it is on a social media are many. Some of them are listed below


The relationships that you build in the virtual world is going to help you in the real world too. You can build a lot of career contacts with social media sites. These relationships can be life saving and it can help you build your business too. These relationships can help your business flourish with their contacts via word of mouth too. When you are really good with what you do,a strong business relationship can strengthen it further for you.


Another great part of a Social Media marketing is feedbacks. It is only through Social media that you get live feedbacks of what you do. Feedback can be both negative or positive and it can impact your business in rather adverse ways too. But feedbacks in general helps you grow as a person and as a business. Incorporating customer feedbacks can work as an early warning system, improve what is not good, develop the business and even help build beta testers for future uses.


Like any aspect in our life, social media cannot thrive alone. It needs other support systems and it needs other systems to back it up to achieve its full utility. The social media contacts and profiles of your business should be integrated in all your marketing tactics as early as its inception. Integrating them can amount to a much larger reach of the business and its services.

So would you like to know how Social Media Marketing works? You need to have a solid plan to make these strategies work. Some tips for the same!

Choose the Social Media Network wisely

There are many social media sites that are free and can be used as a tool for your business’ marketing agenda. Choosing your social media network mainly depends on time, demographics, audience and resources.

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Setting milestones

Many people have written articles about setting milestones but really setting milestones for a target is the easiest way to achieve it. It makes the target easy and seem achievable. Along with the easy way, milestones also keeps the motivation factor on. Milestones never cease to not motivate us. Choose these goals with respect to the current market situation and business acumen.

Set short term objectives

In order to achieve the ultimate target or milestone, you need to build steps to climb up that ladder. These short term objectives are your ladder to the ultimate glory. It also helps you keep check on your timely progress towards your big milestone. With these short term goals in place, you wouldn’t have to wait till the year end to check your progress towards your final goal.

Potential customers and information about them

It is always good to have a fair idea of who your customers are primarily going to be and what they would expect from your business. Once you launch a business or a product, it is always good to do it with the target audience kept in mind. Knowing your client’s likes, dislikes, interests etc can be really profitable when it comes to the business’ point of view. Playing to your strength is a very big strategy but knowing the strength of your competitor can gift you with that edge in your business as well as services.

Resources and budgeting

How much of a giant your company may be at a point of time you will have to work with fixed budget and limited manpower and time. Always try different strategies and then invest on one that you are sure would be beneficial for you as well as your company. There are choices to be spoilt for with regards to social media networks as well as tools used in marketing arena.

Assign positions and roles

It is not just the hard work of one person, marketing is always the result of a combined effort from various kinds of people. So you will have people to do all the roles and can be really sure of your marketing strategy’s success. Jobs can be easily spotted in this way for all the team.

So go on the world is your oyster!

Social media marketing is a giant today. Conquering it is the ultimate step to fame. Marketing through this new way is sure to give you the desired success. Turn your social network into your business’ greatest strength with one among the top web design agency in Dubai, Color Mean Creative Studios. Contact us today for further details.

Top Exciting Things About Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites are websites that are optimized for mobile viewing. These websites will not be skewed when viewed in a mobile device. This is the definition of a mobile friendly website. Responsive web designs provides an optimal view and maximum interaction from the viewer’s side. Non mobile friendly websites will have a disadvantage that they will not be displayed correctly when it comes to mobile devices.

Making mobile friendly websites are the trend now as as many as 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices rather than desktops or PCs. It is said that there are more mobile connections than people in this world. The world today is a fast paced one and people are all on the go today. They are all travelling constantly. Even the workplace has evolved such that there is no concept as an office now. People tend to work on the go. For their convenience, people have started using their mobile device extensively. It is also researched that the worldwide shipment of PCs have also been on an ever low decline. All these reasons tell us that making a mobile friendly website is definitely the order of the day for any business person looking forward to securing a space in the virtual world.

Top exciting things about mobile friendly websites

Another very interesting fact is that mobile friendly websites yield to SEO practices very easily than the non mobile friendly websites. Optimization of the mobile friendly websites are done much more efficiently than in other forms of websites. SEO practices are much effective when it is a mobile friendly website.

People always do not travel with their desktops or PCs with them. The device they will always carry with themselves is the mobile. They would definitely be happy if something that they had to look up in a PC is available in the mobile device with the same content and feel. They would of course opt for a mobile site. Another big reason to switch to a mobile site as soon as possible.

A mobile friendly website has the ability to attract more viewers into a website. A mobile friendly website will garner more traffic into the website. So by optimizing your website for a mobile device, you will be able to perform SEO practices in a much more effective way.

There are many advantages when you optimize your website for mobile devices. Some of them are –

More sales 

People browse in the mobile and when they see good websites they tend to buy things easily and more than they had planned on.

Brand reinforcement 

People are looking forward to a smooth mobile experience in your website. A bad experience may impact negatively on you as well as your brand.

Cost saving 

In an ordinary website you will have to maintain the main site as well as the mobile site separately. A mobile friendly website can cut the cost majorly as they are the same.

Good for SEO

Search engine giant Google lists mobile friendly websites in their results. SEO practices are more effective in mobile friendly websites.

For every mobile friendly website to be successful and for it to serve it’s purpose, a few features are to be kept in mind. Some of them are listed down

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Easy access to your contact information

When you create a mobile friendly website, it would be much easier if you create a simple path for the users to grab hold of your contact information. This can create a good first impression on your users.

Zoom/move product images

Mobile screens are much smaller than PCs or laptops. People tend to zoom in or move product images for a better view. People should be allowed to zoom or move images and the images used must be of good quality so that the users can see things clearly once they are zoomed.  

Optimized for users

When you are building a website for mobile devices, be sure to optimize it in detail as you would for a website for PCs. The experience your website gives people will surely get noticed. All the images, links and other elements can make the website experience rich for the mobile users.

Legibility of the site

Mobile devices are much smaller than the PCs or laptops and so readability of the text is very much essential when it comes to mobile friendly websites. Zooming in to read the content may not be favoured by every user.


The mobile site must coincide with the original site so that people will recognize it as the same company’s. Recognition factor can be pretty high when both the sites are similar in feel and look.

App-like experience

People have become fans of apps in mobiles. Rather than giving them a website experience, you can go in for an app experience. This experience is sure to increase the site traffic for mobile sites.

Social Media integration

Mobiles are chiefly used for browsing social media platforms. Integrating it into the mobile sites can prove to be a very good move as it makes the site more interactive as well as interesting for elders and youngsters alike.

Multi-language support

As mobiles are used by people all over the world, one needs to have multi language facility in a mobile site. This is mainly to pull in vernacular traffic to the site along with other miscellaneous ones.

Examples of best mobile friendly websites

There are many websites that are mobile friendly. They all have very easy to access mobile sites for people to have a seamless experience when it comes to their brand. Some of the best developed mobile friendly websites are BuzzFeed, HuffingtonPost etc.

Mobiles are the trends of today and business is all about the catching up with trends. So making a mobile friendly website wouldn’t hurt anyone and in fact it can even be beneficial for you. Turn your website into a mobile site. We know what you are thinking. You are literally out of your wits with all the features you will have to look into in building a mobile website.

We are one among the top web design agency in Dubai and we are sure we can sort out all your problems and help you reach that level you wanted your company to be in. We help you in building your mobile site as well as your desktop site the way you want it in a flawless manner. Contact us today for further details.

All You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design


Responsive web designs are a novel take on web designing. It provides an optimal view and maximum interaction from the viewer’s side.  It provides for an easy reading and requires no resizing in browsers. There is also no need of horizontal scrolling in the device.

Nowadays people browse a website from various devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, notebooks etc. that make use of different platforms like android, iOS, windows etc. Also various digital marketing strategies are gaining prominence. A responsive website designs itself automatically to the window you browse giving you an optimal view in any device you browse. This can be a huge edge when it comes to the traffic as most of us tend to flip websites when they do not appear good on either the mobile or laptop screen.

On days when people are on the go and would need to browse on the go, responsive websites prove to be the exact thing they would need. Turning your websites into responsive has become a mere necessity as the total internet traffic is half consumed by mobile traffic. Some of the facts about responsive web designing are listed here and is sure to interest you.

  • Google prefers responsive sites

Google is one of the biggest search engines, plays an important role in making or breaking a website and renders a definition to responsive website. Listing in Google search is considered a success for websites. Websites, when listed in the first set in Google, will a mass great search traffic. These websites will have a huge viewership as it is sort of considered prestigious to be listed by google. This is done with the help of a few templates and algorithms by Google.

  • Fast loading of a website

When a website turns responsive, it loads fastly in a mobile device too, which is usually tested by a responsive web tester. As the search traffic is now greater on other devices instead of desktops, turning responsive is very important to keep with the search traffic. Thus the websites turning responsive is very important for your website to be successful.

  • Mobile searches

People nowadays rarely browse on desktops. They always browse on the go with their mobile devices. Websites that look good on mobiles garner more viewers and are slightly more popular than their counterparts without responsive websites. The framework of a working responsive website is thus.

  • Improved UX

When a website has turned responsive, its user experience also improves. This is one of the best practices of a responsive website. As user experience is a very important factor, turning responsive can be more than important for you and your company. User experience can take your website and your company to heights that you never imagined. This is one of the best examples of how a responsive website can be good for your business.

  • High bounce rate

As a website doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device, one is tempted to change the website immediately. This is one of the basic reasons for turning responsive. So turning responsive not only increases our visual appeal but it also increases the viewership and also the potential visitors of the site. Adaptive web designing can also be tried to decrease the bounce rate in websites.

  • Available in all devices

Websites that you have so painstakingly developed will go for a toss when someone sees it in a mobile screen. The images, texts and other mock-ups will surely be disoriented when you see it in the mobile device. That is a pure waste of talent & money. So it is better to change to responsive website for the artist as well as the company. At least you will know that people see your work as you want them to see it!

  • Keeps your website looking good

You would have designed your website keeping in mind a desktop. Just because people see it in different devices, you do not need to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of your website. That is where a responsive website helps you. It optimizes your website for any device, any resolution.

  • Responsive websites yield for SEO services

Search engine optimizations are the things of today. So when they say a responsive website yields more easily for an SEO service, it is sure worth changing into a responsive website.

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  • Easy management

Maintaining a desktop website and a mobile version of it is a double work. You will have to maintain the websites separately and that may sometimes become an added burden for everyone. That is why you can turn your website responsive and save yourself from all that hard work. This is one of the most useful advantages of a responsive website.

At Color Mean, we make all our websites responsive and make sure that they are compatible in almost all devices, browsers and platforms. Being one among the top web design company in Dubai, we make sure your website looks good in all type of screens and that people find it more attractive.