Impact Of Website Design On Sales And Conversions


Website design plays one of the most important part in sales and conversions. A delay in the loading of websites or any other glitch in the website will affect the sales and conversions. A well designed website can be an asset when it comes to sales and conversions in the business. So let’s see what are all the elements in website design that impact the sales and conversions that happens in a particular website. Some of them are listed below.

Style, perception and first impression of a website

The style of the website that you have, the perceptions that it gives your customers or your target audience and the general first impression that people get when they enter your website are the most important thing that comes in the mind when the impact of website design on sales and conversions are considered.

Navigations on the website

Website navigations are very important. Websites with navigations that work really well are again an asset to the business as well as the website.  Setting up a clean navigation for your website is a task and you will be able to pull up a lot of sales and conversions in the business. A user friendly navigation with minimalistic choices will take your business a long way.

Typography and readability on the website

A website that is clean and is easy to read is a boon in the time of this chaotic websites. Typography and neat fonts are a real blessing and one can be sure of the flow of traffic when it comes to these facts. Neat typography and fonts tend to attract people. Being clear about what is written or what is depicted is a real put on for readers and customers.

Attractive content

Not just the fonts but when the content is also attractive the sales and conversions are affected and is impacted in a positive way. Content that people can read and understand clearly are a boon. You and your business can go a long way with it. This is especially important for an e-business as they thrive on sales and conversions for their business success.

Using compelling language

Using language that compels or propels people to take action in your website works really fine. Compelling languages can be a big thing. It can make people look through a website and it can also be compelling to have a go through the website as well as business.

Keep paragraphs short

Keep the paragraphs short in websites. People do not have any liking when it comes to long paragraphs in them. They are a major put off when it comes to websites.

Include relevant call to actions

Call to actions are very important when it comes to websites. They are the most useful thing in a website. They initiate the action in a website and they also compel you for actions. You can always be sure that call to actions will have an impact on the sales and conversions of a website’s business.

These are all the small impacts that website design has on sales and conversion inflow of a website. There are many more impacts of designs on a website. But as these are the main ones that affect, they are jotted down in this blog!

The replies that comes with a website query is what takes the business forward. Sales and conversions thrive in and it is then that the business flourishes. For that to happen you need a sound web design. So why doubt when you can approach Color Mean Creative Studio, web design company in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.

Latest Web Design Tips and Tricks For 2018


Current trends

By the end of 2016, we saw a huge change in website designs as well as the user experiences in the net. Apps like Pokémon Go had blurred the line between virtual world and real world. With all these developments and trends now it is all the more important as to how we react and behave when it comes to browsing websites. When it came to 2017 designers were asked to create designs that were time-saving and that were personalized than ever before.

So we have a few tips for web design under our sleeves. As is the case of any new year, 2018 too brings with it a truck load of trends in designs, lifestyle and fashion. There are also a bunch of design trends that comes in website designs. Smart and better UX is very important. These are some of the cool trends and tricks for designers.

Long Form Content

People tend to look for long contents in the website. Scrolling pages are a thing of this trend. While this trend is great for Search Engine Optimization, content that are really long or ones that extend below the fold tends to pose a unique challenge for the UI designers.

Full-Screen Video

While words are very much powerful, videos are the trend now. Videos tell an impactful story right in your monitor without you needing to move a finger. People get to drive their point home easily when it comes to videos. The newest trend that is going on is a full monitor video that covers up your entire monitor.

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Whether you have a long content or you have videos or pictures, typography will have the centre stage on a website in 2018. Minimalistic and artistic at the same time, we are sure we will be able to spot quite a lot of typography in 2018. They drive the point home artistically and creatively. Actually this is one of the main web design tips for beginners.


The push for personalization in 2017 had led to a huge expectation among people to deliver something apart from Apple. In 2018 you can expect a lot of colors that will keep you fascinated and happy. Vivid colors are bound to be the thing in 2018. Using them in gradients are the rising trend as of 2018.


Illustrations can tell a different story altogether to people around. They can be minimalistic or elaborate, serious or playful, overdone or underdone – your choice. They are a pretty flexible visual element that can be used in various possible ways. Best thing – they can be even animated!

Cards still rule the roost

2017 has made us familiar with cards. But in 2018 they are to be more popular. Cards are perfect for small screens and can be effective when it comes to conveying a lot of information in small space. They also make it all the more effortless to design for mobile devices. Cards are the ones we are going to see more often in 2018.

No hard and fast rules

By the end of 2016 many websites had started thinking and designing out of box. They began thinking outside the grid when it came to the designs, experience and interface. The quirkier the idea, the better the reach – this is the anthem of designers. And by the looks of it the trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018 too.

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Need for collaborations

Earlier a website was just a product of designers and developers. But now when it comes to long content, you need collaboration with writers, for typography you need designers etc. tjis is an effective website design tip for small scale businesses. A need for more creative collaborations have been opened, this is the new trend in 2018 – where creators, writers, designers, marketers collaborate for a much better web experience.

These are the trends that are in vogue in 2018. These are some of them and there are going to be many more as we sail through the year. These may be the trends but no rule as in you should comply them hear your heart out and design!

Website designing is a very novel and very innovative area of creativity. There are always emerging trends that will rule the internet for a while. To follow these trends and to make them your biggest strength, approach ColorMean Creative Studio, branding and web design agency in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.


Top 11 Tips About Graphic Designing


So graphic designers are everywhere now. So here are some tips for graphic design beginners. These are some tips a graphic designer should know, no matter what!

Attempting other designer’s style of designing

Whichever area you may be working for, a personality that you can work with is going to take you to heights and places. Designer’s style is their persona and it can reflect their personal style in a nutshell. Compromising on it may seem like compromising your personality.

Attempting other designer’s style of designing

Listen to your client

This is one of the easiest graphic design hacks in this world. Clients are the people who are going to be using your designs. So ultimately they are going to be the people who should love and like your work. So, speaking and listening to your client can help you get insights into your designing.

Gather Inspiration

Get inspiration from around the world. Inspiration can be gathered from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Get inspired from other people’s work and from all around the world. Inspiration cannot be a license to copying the person’s exact work. You can get inspiration from the person but you just cannot copy the exact work.

Have a solid reason behind every design

Always have a solid strong reason as to why you have chosen a type of design over another when it comes to explaining it to your client. The reason must be convincing enough for the clients to approve of your choice. The design choice mustn’t be entirely on your liking. It must be seen that it also accommodates the client’s likes and dislikes in it as in the last stage it is they who must like it and use it for their promotions etc.

Use of contrast colors as well as fonts

Contrast always attracts people. Contrast also stands out from the crowd. When you have a very light background, it is recommended that you can have a dark font color. That is the basic thumb rule for designing.

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Template for images

Images need to be arranged in a template. An impromptu arrangement can go haywire in case of images. A freehand arrangement can seem unprofessional and clumsy in case of images. So when arranging images always do it in a template.

Observe and Analyze

Be it the work or the way to work observing and analyzing other designer’s work can improve yourself and also be an inspiration for your much better and good work. So observing and analyzing can be a good exercise for any kind of artist.

Be wary of free projects

Once in awhile doing a project for your friend or a junior or a senior has never hurt a designer. These can all be contributed to your experience. Experience is a very important factor when it comes to being a designer. But it is always seen that it is free projects that take up most of your times – emails, revisions, corrections etc. So it is always not advisable to do free work very often.

Don’t get caught up in the idea of perfection

Perfection is a very tough thing to achieve in design. Something that is perfect for one person might be far from perfection for someone else. While it is good to pay attention to minute details of  project, you must be very careful that concentrating on these details do not hinder your work flow or productivity. You should know when to call it quits regarding a project and feel that it is as good as it can get.

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Always Learn

Especially when it a creative field. Being well informed and always being on top of the game can be rewarding. Being aware of the trends and designs will always stand you in good stead when it comes to designing. Clients can be taught about the latest techniques and they can also be made to follow the trends so that they gather really good followers as growing up business.

Keep it simple, always

Whatever the trend may be or whatever is the ’in’ thing right now, always keep it simple. Simple is always elegant and works fine with anything. Trends come and go but classics remain!

Graphic designers are the ones who give our art life. They are the most important people. Worried about how your designs are going to come out? Worry not when ColorMean Creative Studio, branding and web design agency in Dubai, is here! You will never be disappointed! Contact us today for further details.


Unknown Secrets To Nail Your Corporate Branding Strategy


So what is corporate branding, as in what is corporate branding’s definition?Branding is a very tricky activity and we would need many corporate branding ideas . Promoting a brand or Branding needs constant activity and monitoring to make sure that it goes off in the right track. Storytelling has been one of the most used branding strategy in the advertising world. Storytelling has been used in the advertisements for a really long time. Branding strategies are very much important too for the success of the company as well as the brand. They tell us a story on behalf of the brand, getting us onto a brand journey along with the company.

There are a few unknown secrets to nail your corporate branding strategies. Some of them are listed below.

Speak truthfully

Speak truthfully about whatever your brand does or can do. Telling lies in the case of  a brand can cause a lot of trouble for you. It can backfire the goodwill for your brand rather than making it famous. Honesty and transparency are very much important in the brand strategy building. For a brand to be successful, it should be built on consistency and persistence.this can be done as a part of your company’s corporate branding design.

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Infuse personalities into stories

Personalities that are known, fictional ones that could have the possibility of being famous can be infused into the brand storytelling. Boring stories and tales will never retain readers but versatile personalities would. Stories should have brimming personalities on the centrestage.

Characters that your audience will root for

Characters that people can emotionally connect with are to be imbibed in brand stories. These characters must feel like one among the audience. They need not be animated characters or mascots but people must be pushed to follow them unto their roots. Characters must be familiar but should also be inspirational.

Have the beginning, the middle and the end

The story in any form should have a beginning to it where the characters and other basic things are outlined. Then there is a conflict for a character which makes for a middle. And the end is when the story comes up with a solution for the problem. Every story must follow this storytelling arc.

Culture Connect

When you come up with a branding strategy, you should always come up with one that can culturally connect with the audience you are planning. Be it the product design, the covers or the storyline, a cultural paradox can create an ill will, confusion and can negatively impact your branding strategy.

Make it an ‘I have to have’

It is not enough to just generate lukewarm responses for your brand, it must be a rage and a trend. Branding strategy must catapult the product to a trending one with people wanting to have it and it turning into an absolute essential in the life.

Out of the box identity

Brand identity that can strike a chord with people – it can build a positive image of the brand to the outer world. The identity of the brand is the first thing that strikes one’s mind and that needs to be the best done.

Make it meaningful

Meaningful brand identities can be the biggest strength of a brand strategy. Meaning gives it an overall depth and that works in favor of the strategy at any given point of time.

Branding isn’t a child’s play. It needs expert to carry off good and effective. It needs strategies, plans and a lot more time. Worried because you have no idea? Let ColorMean Creative Studio, web design and branding agency in Dubai, do it! You will never be disappointed! Contact us today for further details.