How To Use Social Media For Corporate Branding

social media for corporate branding

Marketing strategies are used to boost the company’s online visibility and revenue. They want more clicks, likes and would want to create a positive environment for the users and clients. The social media presence influences when making a purchase decisions. Most famous brands are very important and very meticulous with their social media branding strategies. Building personal connections works really fine when you have a very active social media presence.

Find the right groups

Some top brands on social media does this very often. Groups are a very good way to connect with your industry. But industry groups will most probably already be crowded with your rivals. So finding an ingenious way to make sure you are part of groups and not left out is the key to an active social presence. If you can find groups that you can identify with your industry, you can build certain relationships with them and also create an authority with your personal brand.

Keep the image consistent

Some of the best brands from the world do use this tip very seriously. Across all the social media sites, one should be careful to have maintained the same image throughout. Clients may look you up through a number of social media sites as well as other platforms. In this scenario, having a wavering or rather confusing image can be a hit to your credibility.  You can easily damage an otherwise clean reputation with an unauthorised image or an image that is not of the brand you are associated with.

Engage regularly

Building up a brand takes time, effort and a lot of hardwork. For an ideally successful business, you must be ideally producing content and posing it every day. Building up a successful brand is to be considered a full time job. A tweet once in a week and an Instagram post once in a month wouldn’t do the work you want them to. Focus on 2 or 3 social media that you know your target customers use and then post on them systematically. This is much better than sporadically doing it in a dozen or so social media platforms.

Diversify your content

Posting articles and other resources from the domain of your industry can be very important for your social networking ties. But when it comes to engaging people with your contents, it is best when you at times switch the nature of content. Switching between text, images, videos and gifs can be a variety and can increase the followers of your social media sites. This can be a real steal as followers, likes and shares are the measures of a successful social media presence.

Give as much as you can

If you want your brand to be successful and famous, you should provide our brand with things to be remembered about. Personal connection and a personal touch are very much important when it comes to setting up a brand on your own. Personally reaching out to your customers can be real effective if it is a start-up and when you need to setup a real good reputation or brand name.

Ask questions

Asking questions can generate conversations in your social media pages. Like and shares aren’t enough for a social media platform. It needs to generate conversations. That is when your brand actually gains popularity and visibility in various social media platforms.

Monitor your name

The brand names of the famous companies are always on the monitor. They are monitored for similar keyword usage. The brand names needed to be under constant radar because any promotion in the wrong way can backfire. The keyword and brand name monitoring makes sure that you do not lose out on opportunities.

Social media sites are the talk of the town and setting up a business with a strong base for social media strategies is a very important thing. Taking the social media platform as well as your brand under our wings, Color Mean Creative Studios, a leading web design agency in Dubai can surely strategize your social media entry! Do contact us today for further details about our services.

Best Ways To Design Sites Faster In Photoshop

Best Ways To Design Sites Faster In Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most versatile software we have for designing. It has the most flexible tools that are best for designing websites and other media collaterals. In Photoshop, while designing a website, you can clearly see the workflow of them making it easier and productive. You have to follow some web design tips and tricks to make it work. But deadlines are real and are to be met. You did wish you had more time to design it. You wish you could make it a lot better. You often wonder about how to easily create a website faster and freely with database that is available. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a google mobile friendly test. You can use internet tools such as Pingdom page speed to check the speed of the websites. If this is often your case, here are a few best ways to design websites a lot better, easier and faster in Photoshop.

Organize your files

Organizing your files in a way you can find out where they are is one of the basic ways to get your work done faster. Being organized helps you in getting to know where you can find things. When you have things organized, it is not about keeping things in a place, it is about knowing where you have kept the things you would want to finish a project. This way you save up on time looking up for things you would need. This way you work faster and easier.

Organize your layers

Organizing things inside the Photoshop is as important as organizing them outside of it. by organizing the different layers you use in Photoshop, you make it lot easier for you as well for a different designer to grab hold of a layer and modify it. Giving general headings like ‘header’, ‘footer’, ‘menu section’ etc can make it easier for anyone to identify them and make any necessary changes in the design. In this way you can navigate files through Photoshop.

Make use of the Undo option

You make a small mistake in your design and that is when you realize the power of the Undo button. It erases the latest modification that you have done and brings the design back to the previous version of design. When you make a mistake, it is better to undo it than to try to fix it. Fixing it may require a lot of steps while undoing it and redoing it requires less of time and steps. Undoing multiple steps can eventually take you back to the original design. To undo multiple times, click Alt + Ctrl + Z.

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Use Eyedropper tool

Colors are the basis of a website. When colors repeat and if they should be done without a mistake, it can become a tedious job to do it with the correct shades. It is at this point that you use an eyedropper tool. It becomes useful when you have to pick up a shade and use it any other place. If you like a particular color that you would want to use again, you can pick it up with an eyedropper tool. This way, getting a shade of color become much easier and faster.

Know the keyboard shortcuts

For all the functions you perform on Photoshop, there are equivalent shortcuts for it. These shortcuts are big time savers. Learn from the mostly used tools. This way you get accustomed to use the keyboard shortcuts for these functions. They save time that you can utilize to make your designs bigger and better. There are also many sites that guide you on what shortcuts to use for what functions. Follow them and a major part of your time will be saved.

Create style guides and follow it

Once you create a layout or a design framework that you will be using pretty frequently, save it as a style guide in the Photoshop. This way you will be saved from a lot of work of recreating the framework or the design from the scratch for the new project. This also saves you truckloads of time in designing things for your website.

Making use of CC libraries

CC library is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop. You get all your design necessities in the CC library. It is also easy to collaborate with other artists. It is done with just a click of the mouse. You do not have to go a long way to lend a new perspective to your work. Your works will have a touch of collaborations without much of an effort from your side.

Website designs are much easier when done in Photoshop. There are tricks and tricks to do it easier and faster in Photoshop. So here are some of the best ways to do it by ColorMean Creative Studios, one among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do contact us today for further details about our services.

Top Mistakes To Be Avoided By Every UX Designers

Top Mistakes To Be Avoided By Every UX Designers

When you start off in the design and internet media industry, it is very easy to forget the end game that you will have to face. In an industry that people look up to and is updated about on a daily basis, the method is as important as the end result that you are looking for. Having a bad design, having some content out of the loop or an animation that doesn’t work properly are some of the design problems. Design is indeed a very important thing and it is going to be the primary thing to take at hand. A designer should keep in mind some UX design elements while designing.

So here are a few mistakes every designer does when they make a UX website. These mistakes should be corrected.

Wrong Typography

Wrong typography can drag you down a long way as it can hamper the way people see the content or the design you have worked out. Wrong typography can also sometimes miscommunicate things that you will want to communicate. It can backfire very badly on your brand image as well as the things you may want to communicate.  The trick is never to use 2 or 3 different font families at a time. It can thoroughly confuse people and it can also look bad aesthetically. A balance in terms of designs and fonts are always preferred by people.

Match the feel and look of font with the designs and concepts you use. It shouldn’t be jarring and shouldn’t be an eyesore when the customers look at the design and concept. The thickness and the contrasts of the font matters when you use it on the top of an image. The font as well as the image must be deciphered by the clients as well as the customer. Even with nothing so major to look for, a type or a font must be readable and they must be easily recognizable. Always test your typography on different screen sizes and devices to check that they are decipherable in all the possible ways. This is important for enterprise application UX.

Not optimizing a design for mobile

Mobile optimization is an important task. Websites are mobile optimized for the best view of these websites from the devices. Failing to do them can be a very costly mistake. It can cost them several clients. Always make sure your website is workable on a mobile device. The buttons and design and visual elements that you have worked out on the desktop must appear on the mobile site too and they must be functional. Always have a test of your website on a mobile device so that you can have a final run through to check if things are at place and are in the desired shape and feature. This is a common design problem in everyday life of everyone.

Not using enough white space

White space is a designer’s god sent gift. White space not only declutters your design but it also makes sure that your designs have the space to breathe. It works as a partition for the designs and they can be used to neatly stack your design for people to look at with rapt attention. Playing with margins, designs and other elements can be a hide and seek with white space. Adjusting the size of various design element in order to give priority as well as space for main elements will work fine and will also be a great step towards design hierarchy.

 Using too many effects

It is not a grave mistake if you would want to spruce up our website a little bit. But it can become a fatal and costly one if you put in multiple effects that will eventually ruin the design and its user experience. The effects can go haywire when you put them in different devices. Different devices may showcase these different effects in various ways.  So if an effect doesn’t go well within a device, never try having that as it may backfire in the optimization of the website.

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Using too much colors

Colors are the life of a website. Yes, but using them extensively can be a bit extravagant. You may actually end up losing the real purpose of the website in this process. Colors can be distractive and it can take the focus from what the website has been built for actually. 93% of people look at the visual appearance of a product while 84.7% of people look at the colors used on the product as well as for the product to determine whether to buy it or not. Based on these researched, it is said that the usage of much colors can backfire more than making it attractive and good to look at.

Not conducting usability test

After you have setup a website, it is very important to check its usability factor. There are many usability tests that you can perform on these websites to check the user experience they give to your customers. This way you can make sure that you iron out all the last minute problems and set right all the design flaws you might have overlooked.

For websites that elevates you to top, contact Color Mean Creative Studios, one among the leading creative web design dubai company.

Building websites that are a feast to your eyes and senses are really important to today’s world of digitization. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

Do contact us today for further details about our services.


Interesting Logo Design Trends For 2018

Logo Design Trends For 2018

The logo is the first impression of a company. Logo sets the primary image of a brand. It is upon this logo that people will estimate the company’s standing in the industry, their reputation etc. Logos are designed in a very innovative fashion – one that appeals to anyone of any age group. There are also some logo design rules to follow.

Here are some 2018 modern corporate logo design trends.

Digital painting

There are many digital tools that are used to design logos in today’s world. They have invaded the market of creativity in the last 2 years. The newer digital platforms have very clean brushes and clean outputs that come out from them. the outputs is logo vector designs.  Tools of 2018 that are to be used are Photoshop sketch, Procreate, Illustrator Draw etc.

Hyper minimal designs

Somehow whenever things are overdone they become a fail with the masses. Keeping things simple can be the most useful success mantra. When you design a simple logo without much of ornamentation, you are sure that you will be able to revamp it without much of a difficulty as time goes on.


As part of keeping things simple, something that is going to be a sure short are the floral patterns. Florals are going to be next big thing. Florals are minimalistic and give out a fashionable as well as traditional vibe.  it also influences the 208 logo color trends. Florals can be dressed up or dressed down. They also are very feminine and have a very positive image to it. Anything floral can very well brighten up any drab, sad day.

Shadow breaks

Shadow breaks are the trend of logos as of 2018. Shadows break the monotony and they also act as a color shift. Shadow breaks can also be used to make an image of depth. A vision of layers upon layers can be made up by shadow breaks in the right places. If used well shadow breaks can give the logo a very natural 3D affect.

Fade out effects

Fadeout effects just like shadow breaks can be break in monotony of the logo. It also gives a depth and layered affect to the otherwise plain logo. The fade outs are much preferred in a white background. The freshness of white has been used and it is effective too. White backgrounds enhance the fadeout effect and it becomes more profound and beautiful for the logo designs.

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Simple overlays

Simple overlays are going to be the thing of 2018. Overlays with contrasting colors will be attractive and can lend the logos a 3D effect. These overlays create a depth and can give these logos very different meanings with different colors and contrasting ones used.

Multicentric circles

When you have circles in the logo you get a sort of closure in it. The concentric circles give you a feel of the layers as well as a safe and closed feeling. It gives out positivity and that is why many logos lately sport concentric circles in them. It is going to be the rage of 018.


Ellipses are a literary tool that denotes etcetera and many more. Ellipses are used in text, verses and poems to denote that the subject discussed in it has a lot more stuff to be discussed. But cannot be done here due to many constraints and due to many internal conflicts. Ellipses lend a deeper meaning to logos and this can be seen in many logos in the coming year.

Pasta bend

Many logos will show off bends and curves that resemble a pasta dish. They are sported with the support of highlights and other shadow works that lend a depth to the logo. It actually involves shadows, layering as well as other tools. With a pasta bend a logo can be made 3D, allowing it a personality that goes with the company’s as well as its image.


Warping means distorting any sort of image, line or text. It gives the logo a different perspective and as well as a funky attitude. The warping is used as a popular filter in various camera apps. It is fun and also adds a touch of quirkiness to the logo used. It is a very innovative method and is predicted to be the big trend in coming year 2018.

Logos are the evergreen images of a company. It tells people much more than the company’s identity. You would need a timeless logo to attract people across all age at all the time.

So here we are presenting to you some 2018 corporate logo designs. For logos that transcends time and age, there is ColorMean Creative Studio, One among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do contact us today for further details about our services.

An Ultimate Guide On Color Theory To Designers

Ultimate guide on color theory to designers

It is colors that bring our boring life to action. Colors play a very important part in our life as well as careers. Through our everyday encounters we are pretty sure that colors are much more than what we see. It has this magic power to transform us in an instant – like magic. Color theory can decipher the emotions we have. Seeing a calm blue can quieten us in a chaotic day, a baby pink can make us coo cutely when we were screaming a minute ago and a red can fill us with hunger pangs just after a full size meal.

We must admit that there is a sociology and psychology behind every color. It is impossible for a designer to crack all of them. Here in this article, we talk about color theory for designers and are trying to decipher a very few of them.

Color is Sociology

As said every color has a meaning and psyche much like we humans. It is a color theory art. Colors can be used to convey a meaning or it can be used to contort a meaning. When you are designing for an international audience, always research on what your color pallet means to the audience there. The colors you use may have different meanings and implication in the minds of your target audience. You will have to know what each color means for the country you are designing for.

For example, in the Western countries, the color red signifies danger, love, passion etc. in East Asian countries, the same red means celebrations, festivities, happiness and long life. For Celtics, the red signifies death. Of all for Russians it means Communism!

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So between every country there can be vast difference when it comes to meanings for colors. Let us look at some meanings of colors in Indian context. In Asian countries, the color black is associated with everything dark and negative. Dark symbolizes evil and is considered highly inauspicious. But in western world, black means luxury and richness. Black is considered premium.

White isn’t considered a color in Indian context. It is absence of any color. White is associated with anything sober or death. It is the only color that widows can wear and is considered deemed for any death in the family. White is associated with sadness and numbness. White also signifies purity in many countries. It is also considered to convey calmness.

Total opposite to white is the color red. It is color of festivity and also all things destructive too.  Red is also a color of festivity, happiness and fertility. A bride is always decked in bright hues of red during her wedding. So red is also auspicious. red also means danger in many countries. it signifies bloodshed and violence. red is also a sign of warning.

It a science too!

As much as colors are subjective, colors are also scientific. It is contrary but colors are subjective and scientific at the same time. Scientifically it is said that colors can affect the behaviour and attitudes of a person very easily.

A colour can definitely push you into a emotional turmoil or it can pull you out of one too. Some of the types of colours that can be categorized scientifically are given below.

Pures – Colours that are used in solids in a design that gives a summery, happy and energetic vibe to it.  For example – Orange, red, yellow etc.

Tints – When colors are mixed with white, they give out a calm and soft feel to the whole setting. It renders a tender and delicate feel to the whole design. They also come in with a dose of feminity.

Shades – shades are colors with a hint of black in them. It gives them a mysterious and darker look. This gives them an evil perception.

Design for diversity

Diversity is the key to any website.  Create the website as diverse as it can be. Design keeping in mind the cultural diversity in the target audience. Every country will have a different cultural psychology regarding colors. Your website must cater to all of it in a neutral manner.

Colours lend us life. It is colors that keeps us going in this dreary world. Some colors let us live, others haunt and yet others worsen us. So here a few color theory tips from Color Mean Creative Studio, a web design company in Dubai. We hope this proves useful to you and do contact us today for further details about our services.