Top Ways To Boost Your Personal Branding In 2018


Are you thinking about to start something as your own business like a personal brand?? Or Are you confused by thinking about the question what is my personal brand? Don’t you think it is a tough task?. Don’t think in reality and follow the updates. Everything is possible in this online world. Clicks make everything at your fingertip. Then why are you waiting for…Now, lets go through some ways to boost your personal branding.

1. Email marketing

One of the best ways to promote personal branding is Email marketing. Email marketing is the process of sending a message to customers about business /brand through email. It does not contain a specific time for sending emails. you can choose a time that fits into your schedule. it’s a free criterion for authors. He can launch the newsletter anytime according to his wish but every letter or mail should contain a good theme which explains about his brand. Then only he can boost his personal brand by promoting customers.

The Email marketing will help to enhance the dealers’ connection with present or earlier customers, increasing client loyalty and repeat business, achieving new clients or influence present customers to buy goods immediately. The things you want to remember while writing an email/newsletter is to avoid strict headline because it will give stress to customers and chance to quit them. Customers are our main target and don’t give a chance to them to ran away from you.

2. LinkedIn-long-form content

I think all are familiar with “LinkedIn”. It is nothing but a social platform allows followers (both employers and workers) to make profiles and connections to each other through online which may represent real-world professional relationships. In this year LinkedIn has seen a major growth in popularity.

We can use LinkedIn to market yourself as well as your corporate brand by publishing long-form content on it. Don’t think too long content make customers boring and cant work today. Now the high-quality long-form content becomes very effective in the social platform(blogs and website) and help to increase the growth of your LinkedIn audience. It’s a simple and easier method to catch audience and  promote your personal brand.

3. Personal website creation

In this online world, website have a significant role. All are depending websites for information. All entrepreneurs should need a personal website for creating a personal brand identity. Personal website help them to catch and attract consumers easily. Customers can know about the various brands and inbound inquiries about new ventures from this website.

In order to start this you need a simple website with ‘About’ page and Blog.  Make a content-oriented blog which means the blog completely shows your creativity and thought the leadership of your brand and boost it through social channels. It will increase your personal brand publicity.

4. Channel publishing

Channel publishing is one of the best ways to boost your personal branding strategy. Today, people spending their most time on social medias. So, these online channels are the best, less expensive and tricky way to attract or impress customers. For this, you need accounts on every channel. Now numerous channels are available on the internet. Find most rated ones and publish your blog, adds or anything about your brand through the channels and give effective information in front of your target audience this is how to improve your brand. And also that is one of the most benefits of personal branding is to keep the connection to your target audience.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that all this ideas are effective only if  the customers observe it. Without the response of customers everything we build is consider a waste process. So in order to increase customer response and content publicity through channels we want to give less money to Google. It only pay when someone clicks and it is the process we  can start with a very small budget to increase the audience attention through online.

5. Twitter Chats participation

Like ‘LinkedIn’,  ‘Twitter’ is an another social platform which help to boost our Personal Brand. In older time, there is no internet  connection, the only method to catch customer is “mouth to mouth” process. I hope u got what it means??…Communication have an  unavoidable role in entrepreneur world. The online world change the way of communication to chat, video chat etc.

In personal brand marketing , Twitter chats have a major role. Twitter chats are always very helpful for promoting brands, the new version include more features make twitter chat specific. Never think simply that,  chatting through Twitter will increase your brand boosting. It only effective when you participate in chat with the most influential people  that related to your industry. It help you to think more and to create innovative ideas to strengthen your personal brand.

6. Vlog-Video Blog

Vlog is the Video Blog which is  very familiar in personal brand marketing. Actually, vlog  is a form of web television. Now people are more interest to watching TV rather than reading a book or a content on screen. So that they can catch the  theme from video very easily even though the customers are not  well educated. Hence Vlog is a most impressive way for common people to reach your brand.

Vlogging is the process of documenting the business man journey visually. Filming all your day to night work of business and publishing through channels is the vlog nature of personal branding. There are a lot of mobile apps are available on the social network like Instagram, Magisto, iMovie etc. Publishing source is not an essential matter, more than we need unique angle and story for our vlog then only we can attract our audience and raise the value of personal branding.

7. Opening doors to local community

To start a personal brand and make it a success is not an easy task especially in this competitive world. Beginners always face struggling to meet success. If the base becomes strong then only the upcoming process reach its destination.

Hence local community is a great place to establish yourself as an expert and to build a strong base for your brand. A local community contains business operators, public agency staff, and residents etc. It leads to the formation of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers.This is a very helpful place for the entrepreneur to achieve his goals. Spend your time with local community and build your personal brand on a pro bono(freely) manner.

8. Podcast content

Podcast is not an unfamiliar word for today society. By definition, a podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files in which the client can download and listen. Podcast is the brightest idea for an entrepreneur to catch client attention through that to boost his personal brand.

Episode your business activities as a podcast and publish it on social channels will help the clients to know more about your personal brand. The interesting thing about this is the user can subscribe your episodes and new episodes are automatically downloaded to their PC or Mobile app. So the availability is very simple and easier and it is less expensive. There are numerous way to share the podcast on internet  are Apple coast, Otto Radio, Google home etc

9. Follow the changes

For building your personal brand at work, you should always update with information on trends, technology etc…..everything under the sky. More you learn…..More you work………easily reach you at the destination. Knowledge is the major fuel you need to drive your personal brand.


One of the main importance of personal branding is ‘Never stop your learning’, because information is the thing that help the people to exist perfectly in every field that he connected to. There are a lot of ways   in this universe to access information especially internet. It help you to reach everything you need at your fingertip through few clicks. So the source is widely opened in front of you, you only need  to utilise it in most perfect way and work on it and follow the updates. Then only you can survive in this challenging world and build a strong personal brand.

10. Need a professional photography

The person who is ready to start a personal brand must careful about this strategy (Need a professional photography) to promote his brand.  Because when you take your profession seriously , all depending promotion criteria should reflect that seriousness. I coming to say that never load a self-image on your social media profiles and other necessary online accounts.

If you want to make your personal brand more professional, you should need to use a professional headshot across all of your online profiles. Seeing the same professional headshot on different platforms in the media, users start to take notice and take what we have to say more serious. Choose a high-quality headshot to make your personal brand look more professional.

In the present world, job security is almost non-existent for the workers who work within the corporate world that is why is personal branding important in today’s economy. I think the perfect utilization of online facilities will help you to achieve success in personal branding without giving much more pressure to your budget. I am sure that you can build a personal marketing by using this above personal branding tips for boosting your personal brand.  Keeps things simple, be authentic and real are some of the main personal brand examples we keep in mind before creating a personal brand.

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Top Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2018


Technology and trends keep changing day by day. It fastly reflects on human lifestyle. Nowadays, People spending more time on the internet for their daily habits. They are up to date with the trends. Technology changed not only the human but also the whole world.

Now the marketing strategy totally digitalized. The best social media management apps like TweetDeck (twitter), Hubspot, Facebook etc become a crucial component of successful marketing strategy today. People depending more on the internet (online marketing) for their shopping. The world of Social media marketing totally changes the shopping behavior of common people. Let’s know some of the latest  trends in social media marketing 2018

Content creation and marketing

For social media marketing strategy, content has a major role. Earlier days the companies find a content writer from outside to write content for their social channel.  But the situation totally changed, demands for social media in digitalized marketing increasing day by day. As a result, all companies start to find their own employees to focus on content creation.
Today young consumers shopping their brand products more on online marketing especially through social media. Hence to know the information about each and every product and update according to the changing trends is a very important strategy for social media marketing. Content from Facebook, Instagram other channels about the trends influencing more young consumers. The contents publishing in each channel are different to one another and it is very difficult to catch shoppers attention. So it means that companies have to find experts in the content-creation post to manage their business. Fact shows,  the content is not a nice to have feature in digital marketing, but it is a must to have feature in whole social channel marketing.

Video Content- The Visual experience

Now consumers have more interest to watch a video rather than a reading process that is why they prefer video content to know more about their product. Expert content writers always try to include video content when they writing contents about products through social channels. They know well that video will attract them more rather than the text.

Video content must include brand image and all about the products like its features, functions, how it will be useful for shoppers etc. Otherwise, it will be useless and worthless.  Actually, The Video content must provide a  nice visual experience to customers and should catch their attention.

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Content from user-side

The major target of marketers is their consumers and their main aim is user satisfaction. Any product will reach its destination only it contains numerous amount of consumers or followers support to promote their products or brand. In order to know the customer taste (user choice)  many companies are utilizing user-generated content on their social media channels to better attract their followers.

User-generated content means asking directly to users or followers to wear the products(eg- specs, cloth….like wearing materials) and send the image. So that we can select best from the picture sends by the followers and publish in our page by giving importance to the follower who submitted them. It’s a great idea to increase followers because the selected followers will be surprised and tell others to follow the specific company page….in this way we can increase our company reputation.

Stories better than Posts

Publishing stories in social channels like facebook,Instagram etc..became a fashion trend rather than posting content. Marketers and content strategist should utilize this strategy and make customers the hero of the story to promote their brand.

Today people were very busy.  They have no time to read every posting content in their social accounts. But they have the interest to look stories because it should take only a few seconds. So publishing stories in all your social accounts about your products will be an asset to increase your followers.

Build Partnerships

The brand partnership is one of the new social media platforms 2018 use to catch user attention and increase followers. It is less expensive and an effective customer engagement strategy. Before implementing brand partnership we want to keep in mind that the user whom we are select for partnership should contain a bright message and a large number of followers and effectively attract the community they post in. Then only we can improve our reputation and promote our brand through them…Actually, through partnership, we are trying to utilize partner followers to get part with our brand growth.

Live content-A real-time fantasy

Live content is a best attractive social media trends for business  to catch user attention. It is the most fantastic real-time fantasy telecasting to followers. Surely,  It will be a more interesting experience for user to see a live show on real people using their favorite brand.

Live content helps us to get the feedback fastly from the customers through their comments. So it providing a space for the modification and improvements for products and help us to understand what actually our customer needs.

Individual Conversation

Individual Conversation is another tricky content strategy to catch customer attention. It is the conversation that making with our followers through comments on content posting on social channels.

vg (

Communicating individually make user feel that they are special to us. It makes them get motivated about our brand and also effectively impress with our content. It is the best way to create brand loyalty and to convert followers into payable customers.

Follow up

You always follow up your followers in each second through all your social accounts then only you can survive this digitalized world. Day by day customers trends, their needs, taste all are changing….so it is important that we want to follow them in our every breath to succeed today.


Maybe Follow up be a simple task for marketers and content strategist because now there are many techniques available on social media to measure which posts receive the most engagement like Instagram analytics tool. But when you take it in a lazy task it will badly affect all your Social media marketing strategy.

Social channels are the hero in Digitalized marketing story. Utilize the above mentioned digital media trends 2018 in most effective way to build your Social media marketing. It is the simplest and easiest way to increase your customers and income without giving much pressure to your budget.

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Tips To Build A Parallax Website

The website has a major role in this digitalized world. Actually, web designs giving life to the website.

Today, many varieties of web designs are available in the market. By using this we can build more beautiful, creative, stylish and also innovative websites. One of the most modern web design to build a fantabulous website is parallax scrolling. May be you are familiar with this design through video games….Are you still thinking about what it is?don’t be more confuse….. I will tell u about parallax website and tips to build a simple parallax website

Before going to the building section, Firstly I will tell you what is a parallax web design.

What is Parallax Web design?

Parallax web design is the modern web design trends used to build websites that easily catch visitors attraction. By definition, it is one of the web design trends that refuses to go away is parallax scrolling. With this, the website layout shows the background of the web page moving at a slower level to the foreground, making a 3D effect as we scroll. This 3Deffect  of parallax scrolling can be used in parallax animation. Adam, Myriad,  Garden studio are some great examples for parallax scrolling websites

How to create parallax Website?

After understanding the parallax design. Next method is to know how to build websites using this parallax design. Actually, this design is not a new technique, we used it earlier in video games. So it is not a difficult task to build a website using parallax scrolling but it is not that much easier too. However, let’s make it easier by following 4 methods.

A method using layer-By depending upon our preference, the background can be move in a multiple-way (horizontally, vertically) and can be combined with one another.

Method using sprite– one big image consist of multiple images that highlights only specific parts of that image when at various positions.

Method using Repeating pattern-Scrolling displays construct up of distinct tiles can be built to float over a repeating background layer.

Raster method– Lines of pixels in a picture are commonly combined and refreshed in top-to-bottom order with a small lag between drawing one line and the next line.

I think you got at least the overall outline of parallax website dimensions
to create the simple parallax web design.

File structure

We have three folders and one HTML file as file structure to create parallax design. They are index.html(main file), js folder(Java Script/jQuery), img folder(images), CSS folder(styling).

file open dialog box

Parallax scrolling in Web design

Web designers started combining parallax scrolling in 2001 onward to create parallax website using HTML and CSS.  It is a simple way to support the flexibility of the Web. It is the tool to better attract users and modify the complete experience that a website provides.

By using parallax js(simple JavaScript frameworks )we can create our own eye-catching parallax scrolling effects without having to write much of our own JavaScript at all. Parallax scrolling effect can be integrated with any website through jQuery parallax plugins.

Parallax plugins

Let’s go through some of the parallax effect jquery plugins that organize with images or background images.
jInvertScroll– It is a lightweight plugin for jQuery that help us to move in horizontal with a parallax scrolling effect when we go down.

Parallax.js-Parallax Engine that responds to the direction of a smart device. The position of the cursor is used when there is no motion detection hardware is available. is one of the best parallax.js examples.

Scroll Magic-It is another  jQuery plugin which act like a progress bar. It can animate based on scroll position and by using this we can add parallax effects effortlessly to the website.

StartScroll-Starscroll is a jQuery plugin that adds a full-screen starfield, provide in canvas, guarded by CSS.

By using these best parallax plugin, you can create fantastic parallax effect websites to catch visitors attention.

Mobile parallax

Parallax effects can be a highly effective way to attract users during the simple act of scrolling. It has a lavish space on Websites but it comes to mobile screen it faces a lot of limitations. Mobile browsers place a limit on script execution during scroll. Hence parallax effects not effective till the scrolling has come to an end.

A new scrolling parallax library named Steller.js  overcome all the limitation that we facing for Mobile parallax. It gave appropriate solution for the problem ‘ lack of scrolling overflow support.’ by applying small, nested scrolling panes in order to better fit more content on tiny screens . The steps to add mobile support  are

-Firstly, add a mobile-friendly meta tag:

-Next phase to add a couple of divs for iScroll(“wrapper” “scroller” )

-Finally,  to include the JavaScript for iScroll

CSS Parallax Scrolling Effect

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) can often be applied a number of common tasks which are generally  applicable in JavaScript libraries without much effort. It is something powerful that react above our expectation. Parallax effect is the great example for CCS ( parallax background CSS) where page content scroll more faster than the background images to give an illusion of distance.

Actually, this miracle happens in parallax background CSS is because of the form of styling. Few steps to follow the CSS general styling are

-Firstly, adding styles to body tag

-Add another general styling to include the positioning of the elements on screen

– Style the header section(image addition include in this step)

-Add styles to quotes, author, and images and also add some padding to each slide to center the elements inside it.

-Lastly, style the copyright text and center it to the screen.

These are the step we want to follow to make a responsive parallax CSS to give the parallax scrolling effect as website visitors navigate through the website.

HTML markup

The parallax settings explained in the HTML of each element won’t change, so we would be divine achievements if we were capturing these values in every scroll event. Few step used to make HTML markup for the parallax element are

– Add a header tag with logo and navigation inside (where navigation will link to the specific slides  and add a smooth scrolling effect to make it look good.)

-Add the slides ( put an ID on each slide )

-Finally, put a class of content to center the elements inside the slides

Actually, here we will add first the HTML5 doctype and series of links on the head section and this will carry our link to the CSS file and Google Fonts links tracked by jQuery library file. This is how to parallax html css to the parallax scrolling effect.

Parallax Scrolling templates

Now market is rich in most outstanding HTML and CSS3 Parallax Website Templates. Lets know some of the prominent templates available today

Stash– Stash is new well blessed and 5-star rate WordPress theme. It helps us to adjust our views on versatility and fully documented and ready with 24/7 support.

Elementary-It is a professionally graphically designed, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one-page website template. It is very easily customizable at every stage and contains an incredible array of Parallax powered sections.

Oshine-Oshine is a bootstrap parallax template and it is technologically proficient and visually impressive. It is conceptually unique, innovative and more creative. Hence it can easily catch the visitors attention.

Volar-It is another beautiful and very well polished Parallax minimal one-page website template. Volar is a professionally graphically designed and completely immersive template.  More than that it is very easy to use and highly intuitive.

Milo-It is another type of bootstrap parallax template. It is a well structured and highly accessible HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. The important feature of Milo is continuously updated and decked always with most powerful web development technologies.

Parallax scrolling web design help us to make attractive, creative and innovative websites. Today varieties of parallax templates available in market. By utilizing that, try to build a  parallax effect website as your own style without saying all are tough and impossible. Make all things possible through continuous practice and  follow these trends and to make them your biggest strength, approach ColorMean Creative Studio, web design agency in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.

Top Web Design Trends For 2018

Web Design Trends For 2018

Today world gets digitilizing so fast. All words are connect with online.  Year by year technology giving birth to new trends in every field. As usual, people are very eager to know about the coming trends.

Webdesign have a creative role in this online world. Good designed Web sites help people to know more about trends, technology or anything they want under the sky……may be above that….the growth is going out of infinity. Let’s go through some Web design trends that will define website and digital product design(web design market trends) in 2018. There are also some web design tips and tricks for 2018.

1. More Bright Color

Colors have the significant role in web designing. Colors giving life to the websites. Especially bright colors will help the customers to understand the information fastly because the bold color is eye-catching and can help the user to build their design in the most attractive way. Bright and bold color choices bring a creative feel to users.

Color choices can create an amazing artistic and create a trendier feeling for websites. Contrast is a very impressive move to give attention to some elements of a webpage. Now designers and developers concentrate more on creating that contrast with color.  Using Contrasting color in website became a  trend in  today market to catch the visitor’s attention. Studies show that 60% of acceptance or rejection of a website depends on color impressions. Actually, the color has the ability to generate a positive impact on the visitor.

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2.Natural Language Search and Voice

Now we were start to reject the form ‘type of searching’, that has led the web since the arrival of search engines. Today we are mostly interest in Natural Language Search. Natural Language Search is a search using regular spoken language. Using this type of search we can ask the database a question or phrase like we talking to someone. These queries can be written into a search engine, spoken aloud with voice search, or mannered as a question to a digital assistant like Siri or Cortana.

Natural Language Search also creates a change in web designing. In future maybe some of the web design will be audible. Actually, this technique is not well prominent today. But tomorrow it will integrate a world of voice and language will be imperative for website design projects. For this we should start our planning now, then only we will be easily able to incorporate it into future projects. Because natural language search is only going to grow in usage and universality.

3.Subtle Animation

Animation always gives us some surprise. When we apply animation in web design to make the website, the output will be more impressive for visitors. Subtle animation is the movement within the design itself without taking loading time.This always creates something which is very realistic and makes the visitors feel like the website have the life.

We should carefully consider all difficulties of the website when applying animations to it. Sometimes this animation works will effect the performing ability of the website and UX. However, subtle animation can help the visitor to find the correct element at the right time.

4.SVG images

Scalable Vector Graphics are becoming more common today. SVG images can be used as an image format, in a number of contexts eg; HTML <img>or elements<svg>.

Images role in a website is very important, so the availability of SVG formats for images will highly helpful for designers to include content oriented pics in the website and also to catch visitor attention. It also works well with multimedia and still images experiences, including logo animations, 360-degree photography and 3D images. SVG can have excellent small file sizes which can be easily resized and improved. SVG is much more effective than other image formats. Hence, we can use on the web as we can handle them with code and make website more content through images.

5.Asymmetrical Grids

Now world chooses more asymmetrical designs than symmetrical ones because it is the web design new trends. Actually, it is very difficult to build by designers but its result will give amazing balanced layouts for websites and easily impress visitors. Some designers completely stay away from asymmetrical projects because it can be complex to use. The designers can use asymmetry to build balance and harmony even though two sides of the design do not identicals.

Asymmetry is the most stunning idea in our design toolkit. It is an impression-capturing facility that is attractive and thought-provoking. For a good asymmetrical design project, “imbalanced” balanced design is a must factor because no one part of the project is too heavy for the rest. We can create this balance by adding focus on high color contrast and combinations, offsetting elements with space (eg; placing simple image against a larger white background.), creating emphasis with motion (in order to deviate visitor attraction from heavier to lighter object). Anyway, Asymmetrical designs are heavy but it is natural, normal and accustomed.

6.Virtual Reality Video

Virtual Reality(VR) is highly recommendable for this digitized world. It makes the real world more close to us and it is the latest web page design trend. VR videos are fascinating video content opened through the use of virtual reality headsets. It will give the users a realistic feel through their senses(eyes and hear).

The main target of the website to impress customers or visitors. VR videos are the best website design trend used to attract users. VR video content help to present our products and services in the most favorable light in order to bring an eye-catching experience to visitors. All web design modern trends are clouded by VR and AR(Augmented Reality) and providing the top of user experience to visitors. It is one of the best web design market trends used today.

7.Variable fonts

Font has an important role in web designing. More than an image or V R video, the website conveying its major message through text. The Font style is the main element used to write text. By definition, A font is a set of printable or showable text character s in a distinct style and size. A typeface is the type design for a set of fonts and changes of this design form the typeface family. For example, Serif is a typeface family, Serif italic is a typeface, and Serif italic 10-point is a font.

In older times our Typography was very weak. We have only less amount of typeface available. But today, We have an extensive variety of attractive typeface design of fonts, managing to innovative levels of interest in typography.It creates a lot of changes and increases the style of today’s website. Now we can include web design latest trends like multiple fonts in a single font file(John Hudson’s more direct version) through a visual art like letterform design.

8.Design Systematized.

Systemizing the design means we are organizing, arranging or planning the design process for formulating a website. When a design language is systemized, it reduces decision-making, decreases the time needed for development and helps the designers to work on projects with higher-profile where design frames haven’t proven already.

However, By systemizing any type of projects like graphic, web, programming, or anything else….it helps to finish the work faster, keeps the project well organized and gives better results which are matched to meet (ideally) any UI’s unique needs.

9.CSS grid

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the core technology use for building Web pages. It provides the visual and aural web design technology trends. CSS Grid Layout is one of the real web design layout trends accessible in CSS for the web. It is a 2-dimensional system , designed for handling content in both columns and rows and finally gives to developers.

Grid layout provides authors great capability of reorganization over the document. It can be used to layout main page space or small UI elements. Designers get complete freedom over web screen by using CSS grid. So that they can build the website more attractive without any limitation.

10.Playful illustration

Illustration is the best way to get the attention of visitors. Today people have more interest in visual contents rather than reading manner. Actually, Illustration is the process of providing things with pictures in order to easily understand the theme to users.  Also, the same criteria can be used in our web design too.

We can include beautiful images in our web design and make our website more attractive and contentive. Today, illustrations come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles and it is considered to be an effective element to inject personality into the website. It is the best way to presenting or showcasing information and don’t allow the visitors get bored by simply adding dry content on the website. It can convert any tough or hard content into more understandable way through visualization so that the less educated visitors can easily understand the website. Illustration makes everything clear and justifiable.

Bottom Line

Our main objective to catch visitors attention.For that, we want to make an eye-catching website. I know that it is not a very easy task, but try by using these current web design trends and techniques. I am sure that it will help you to make an attractive content oriented website. Let’s see more varieties of web design for upcoming days. 2018 going to give you more surprising and innovative trends in web designing.

Do you want to know more about webdesign trends approach the top creative studio  ColorMean , one among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do Contact us today for further details about our


Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2018

Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2018

Today, we are living in a digitalized world. All are running behind the new Trends. The changes happened in technology reflects humans life fastly. Mobile has an important role in human life. Without mobile and net, people can’t live… the world’s behavior changed that way. Mobile technology changed human a lot not only his lifestyle but also in their day to day activities. Now all things are available through simple clicks.

The Internet is the main source of everything. Apps and websites made the world simpler and closer. The words like AR, VR, IoT, ML etc creating new trends  in mobile application development technology and digitally changing the whole world phase. To succeed today (in this mobile world) designers and developers must have the insight and well prepare for new challenges around the corner.
Let us check out some of the latest mobile app design trends of 2018

1.  Material Design

Material Design is used to build attractive apps with modular and standard UI components. By definition, Material Design is a linked system that combines theory, resources, and tools for creating digital experiences. It was the living document of visual, interactive and motion guidance brought to the world by Google Inc. In the year 2014. After that, a lot of updating has been done to modify the app appearance.

The new version includes more features for web designing (eg.Easy-Going Approach with Simple Color Choices) and it helps the designer to build the app icons more attractive and creative. Icons have a significant role in inspiring the user’s mind. The new concept of material design will teach the designers to use the free spaces smartly and help to choose an excellent background. Designers will be able to add extra highlights when building their app icon in order to make them more user-friendly.

2.  Face ID and Touch ID to Unlock Phone

It is the time to say bye-bye to the unlocking methods of the phone like password, pin or pattern. We don’t want to waste our time for the verification process. Now we can easily unlock our phone using new technology Face ID and Touch ID without losing its secureness.

As with Touch ID, all Face ID data stays on a unique chip inside your iPhone X called the Secure Enclave. So, no one can hack our data from the cloud. For Face ID, you just keep your eyes wide open and look towards the screen of the phone, then it unlocked.

Actually here, the infrared sensors of the TrueDepth camera scan the infrared dots onto the face and then authenticate against data stored in the Secure Enclave in this way its technical part moving on. For Touch ID, only one step for authentication that is fingerprint scanning. Which means that Face ID can actually be faster in practice than Touch ID. However, there is one way that Touch ID can be used that Face ID can’t and that’s to unlock an iPhone when the owner is asleep.

3.  More of Video-Based Content than Text.

Now people are more interest in watching videos rather than reading books. The Internet is their good friend more than the books. The increasing rate of youtube videos is the best proof for people depending videos for getting information. People can catch the knowledge or idea easily through videos than reading through lines in a book. In addition, the video will help the less educated people to understand. While they cannot understand the complexity of the words indicated in the text.

Today people are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than a static banner ad. Our eyes are always attracted towards the movement than motionless words. So the movement that videos produce naturally draws peoples attention. Hence the UX design scenario will drift with more videos getting added to catch user’s impression.

4.  In-App Gesticulation

Gestures increase the speed in user action and help them to interact with devices of varying shapes and sizes. In every app or game or anything on our phone includes a swipe, tap or pinch to function. These gestures are the hidden features that help the working of great mobile apps.

Gestures are used to perform a specific task. For example, Top for Touch surface briefly, Drag for Move along the surface without breaking contact, Press for Touch surface and hold etc. Actually, these all hand-play makes the user experience more genuine and deletes boundaries between a smartphone and its owner.

Animated hint paired with text instruction. Image credit: Material Design

In addition, Gestures are always connected to animations in mobile design. The animation is the primary way that user interfaces signal users to complete an action or task.

5.  AR and VR Apps Moving Forward

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) will help designers to design smarter and make more informed creative decisions. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the way we interact with media, information and even each other. They have the power to shift our behavior and us in a totally different world.

VR makes designers deal with a three-dimensional image. Now people can get to imaginary places by using VR  without having a magic wand. Well, we will surely need a special gadget, but there is no witchcraft.

AR contain contextual elements to inform users about the data streaming in from the real world. The main aim of AR is to make User experience be highly simplified. For this, customers get much information without any command from their side. It reduces additional actions from the user’s side and makes the application more user-friendly.

6.  Wearing vs. Carrying

We can’t even think about the growth of technology… growing so fast and out of our imagination. It breaks the wall between user and device. Now we can wear android app development trends like Apple Watch and Android Wear. It makes mobile devices closer to the user.
Apple Watch has taken human hearts with various companionable apps available, challenging Android Wear to better their performance and compatibility with Play Market.

animated apple watch gif

On another side, It has many difficulties like the size of the watch brings limitations to the number of elements placed on the screen, battery capacity etc. Maybe this limitation will affect its existence, so its necessary and challenging for designers to move towards next step. Anyway, This is definitely one of the most exciting trends in the mobile app design.

7.  Emotional Experiences

Emotional Experiences or Emotional Intelligence(EI) is a powerful way to make the user experience more attractive and entertaining. Even in the period of command string interfaces, we used emoticons to make other people understand what we feel. One of the technologies that used to express emotions is Animoji. Animoji is animated emoji which respond to facial expressions via the iPhone X camera

Studies show that more than 90% of people use emojis or emoticons in digital communications.

Another latest mobile ui design trend for expression is Mimic Emotions In UI Feedback. It is a human-like feedback when we interact with products. Even though we know that the products aren’t humans and can’t feel emotions, we want to believe that they can. Another interesting way to convey expression is Natural Interactions With Apps. Instead of tapping on the button or icon, directly drawing ‘heart’ icon on the screen naturally when you like any content.

8.  Advanced Personalization

Personalization…the word itself says what it is…technology follows us like our personal assistant. Which means the mobile devices are traveling with users, the apps installed on the devices can use site information to provide content which will be important to user’s current area. This makes facilities more reactive to the environments around them. Starbucks is the best mobile app design which offers this same property.

Nature of users is different from each other. Some of them are less eyesight or some of them blind. Personalization in UI design isn’t only about content, so by utilizing user information it will provide bigger font size and make the sound louder when playing videos in order make it more user-friendly.

9.  Full-Screen Experiences

Always people prefer the larger screen for watching videos. Now all changing to HD(High Definition) images and Videos. The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, frameless design became a trend and all screens space available for users and they expect to have full-screen experiences.

We can create Fullscreen Experiences On Mobile with Canvas. Canvas is an immersive platform that makes it simple to create fullscreen, engaging experiences and life to mobile.
Since the launch of the iPhone, users have been able to install Web Apps on the home screen and have them launch as full-screen web apps. The quality of assets will have a direct impact on user expectations about web apps.

10.  Cashless Payments

Cashless payment changes the entire shopping behavior of shoppers. It is quickly becoming a new standard for many users. ‘Amazon Go’ is the best example of cashless payments by using smartphones. The number of people who use this method of payment is increasing day by day. It helps their shopping process more simple and easier. Users need not waste their time by standing in the queue for bill payment.

Digital payment platforms have eased cashless transactions, and have been especially popular since demonetization. These platforms are capable of making payments in online as well as in offline mode. As a result, in 2018 we’ll have to give Apple Pay/Android Pay as a default option for our products.


The mobile world consisting mobile web design and modern trends have an unavoidable role in humans life. Human habits mostly connect to mobiles. Now people using mobile for new trends more than the old calling actions. They always walk behind the technology…new trends….it will continue till life last on earth. All trends and technologies are in the born stage. Let us see magical future of mobile apps and their development growth together and try to follow them.

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An Ultimate List Of Open Source Tools For Web Designers

An Ultimate List Of Open Source Tools For Web Designers

YYou know who is the best friend of web designers, it is none other than the open source tools because these tools are generally available with limited cost and they can be modified in any way according to developer taste. By definition, Open source tools are the tools that perform a very certain function, in which the source code is openly presented for use and/or reformation from its original design, free of charge.

Is open source tools a must for web designers? Let’s check it out:

Actually, almost all open source tools have the similar function of paid web design tools like Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, the Affinity suite, Sublime Text etc. So the demand for open source tools is increasing day by day.

Let us go through some of the free open source software for website designing that can be accessible in today market.

1.  Atom

Atom is an open source text editor that can be used in multiplatform (Windows, Linux, and Mac). And it is a desktop application built using web technologies among the techies, GitHub’sAtom text editor has evolved into a solid editor for writers with help of its 6,100+ packages.

As an open source tool, Atom code is always freely available and give us the freedom to study, modify, improve, and distribute it. More than that, Atom is flexible enough to accommodate user needs. And it improved performance and responsiveness via major architectural updates.

2.  Affinity

Affinity is a web and visual design tool. It includes customisable nondestructive layers, which basically help us to modify images or vectors without harming them. It is also called ‘Photoshop killer’ because it is a tight competitor to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.

Affinity is a well established professional open source web UI design application. It includes all the tools that need for a professional vector design app and it is correctly examined and accurately developed for designers. And it contains all the features essential for A to Z production of UI – from primary concepts to the formation of every asset to last output of the device.

3.  Sketch

The sketch is the definitive tool for iOS, Android, and Web design. Today it is prominent among developers and designers as their open source web UI design tool of choice. It is a vector design tool entirely focus on user interface design. Hence it can easily import Scalable Vector Graphics SVG icons. SVG is a fantastic format for the Web and Working with Vectors section will help to get an introduction to vectors in Sketch.

New users will find Sketch far more accessible because it doesn’t get in the way of making simple designs. Everything we will learn in Sketch will directly effective to app design. It is the best web designing tools for beginners because we can learn sketch design tool simply and no training need to understand its features. This simplicity makes Sketch shine from the other apps.

4.  pixlr

Pixlr Editor has full control over images including layers and effects. It is a free graphics tool for performing the best web design. Now, Pixlr is extremely developed and will allow us to create professional graphics for our web-designs or print work.

Pixlr is most similar open source web design software like Dreamweaver. In fact, differences in its availability. Adobe is a paid web design tool which is download from internet and for Pixlr, we just need an internet connection, don’t need to download it. And also PSD files retain all the original layers, making pixel a great at an alternative to Photoshop. Pixlr has plenty of tools to reshape or design images from scratch and always make the loading time of images more quickly to help better the user’s browsing experience.

5.  Inkscape

Inkscape is an open source program released under the GPL and available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is a free and open-source vector graphics editor and very helpful to designers and developers. It helps them to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, logos, charts etc. Inkscape brings different shapes and separate tools, transparency effects (alpha), transformations, gradients, patterns, paths, text, markers, clones, and groups.

Inkscape also supports Creative Commons metadata, node editing, layers, complex path operations, bitmap tracing, path-based texts etc. And the latest version includes mesh gradients, offers a checkerboard background that makes it easier to see transparencies and features improved spray and measure tools. Hence each day the new features and bug fixes of Inkscape is improving and increasing. That is the reason for Inkscape getting more prominent today.

6.  Yeoman

Yeoman is latest free open source software for website designing that can be used in multiplatform (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows). It helps us to begin new projects, defining best practices and tools to build web applications. For this yeoman provide a generator environment. A generator is basically a plugin that can be run with the `yo` command to support complete projects. Through this Generators, “Yeoman workflow” will grow. This workflow is a strong and assertive client-side stack, containing tools and frameworks that can help developers quickly build beautiful web applications.

Yeoman combines several open source tools in an attempt to streamline many aspects of the web development process like the scaffolding tool (yo), the build tool (Gulp, Grunt etc) and the package manager (like npm and Bower). These tools are used for improving productivity and developer satisfaction when building a web.

7.  Mobirise

It is the easiest and simplest free website builder which create awesome mobile-friendly websites without coding. Mobirise is a free offline app for Window and Mac to build small/medium websites, landing pages, online resumes and portfolios, promo sites for apps, events, services, and products.

Mobirise Website Builder provides a large collection of website blocks in different themes and these blocks are very adjustable. It has Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface and free for commercial and non-profit use. Another unavoidable feature of Mobirise is its automatic updating of the mobile version. All websites make with Mobirise are mobile-friendly and will adapt automagically without creating a special mobile version of your website.

8.  Krita

Krita is another type of open source software for digital painting and animation purposes. Some of the essential features of Krita are a Highly configurable interface, Brush Stabilizers, Pop-up Palette, Mirroring Tools, OpenGL Enhanced, HDR Support, vector artwork, support and switchable customization profiles. It can be used in a platform like Linux, Microsoft, Windows, and macOS.

The most prominent feature of Krita is its UX design with graphics tablet users in mind. It benefits the combination of pen buttons, keyboard modifiers, and an icon-based HUD to establish frequently-used functions. For example ‘Pick color’ command can be used as ‘Ctrl + Pen tap’. The new version of Krita have few changes among its tools, filters, and effects.  It can be extend through Python and Ruby scripts cross-language scripting engine. And scripting is compatible with PyQt/KDE and allows adding GUI items, such as dialog boxes.

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9.  Pencil project

The Pencil Projects is used to build opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. It creates diagrams or UI mockups on popular desktop platforms and doesn’t have collaboration/multi-user features. Pencil can be installed as Firefox extension or as a standalone application for Windows, GNU/Linux, and MacOS X.

Pencil support different built-in shapes collection for drawing various types of user interface extending from desktop to mobile platforms. It provides exporting documents into popular formats including OpenOffice/LibreOffice text documents, Inkscape SVG and Adobe PDF. So,  the pencil is the best way to learn the basic principles of cartoon animation and it’s very tough to create anything truly impressive without patience.

10.  KodeWeave

KodeWeave is a real-time coding play area for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Markdown with Integrated Preprocessors. It contains 50 libraries that we can check and add. Also, provide error to check features. One of the main features of KodeWeave is responsiveness. And it makes active use of this by integrating a highly responsive app for designers and developers.

KodeWeave software provides the freedom to develop as many websites, games or even apps as we like without depending the platform. And It is applicable for both personal and commercial use and its coding section support for the mobile application. KodeWeave was made not only to work offline. But,  as a prototyping application that design applications for desktop operating systems while on mobile devices.

11.  Angularjs

Angularjs is the extend form of HTML vocabulary for the application. It is extremely expressive, readable, and quick to develop. It contains a set of tools for designing the framework which is well match for our application development. Each and every feature of Angular JS can be reform or modify to match our unique workflow development. And it is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.

Like the pencil, Angularjs also support to reuse its code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. It means its user interface extends from desktop to mobile platforms. One of the most important features of Angularjs is its performance speed. It can accomplish the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today. And take it further through Web Workers and server-side rendering.

12.  Brackets

Brackets is a modern open-source editor written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It makes you feel enjoy when writing code because it blends visual tools into the editor. So we get the right amount of help when we need it without getting in the way of our creative process. Hence working with bracket is a very interesting thing for designers and developers.

Brackets come with a crisp user interface in the form of Quick Edit and it offers a strong extension framework. One of the most useful features of Bracket is Live Preview. It works directly with the browser in order to push code edits instantly. And can jump back and forth between source code and the browser in order to see the changes.  Brackets now offer full support for the Linux platform. With an update to the shell with a new version of CEF.

Why are you wasting your money by using paid web design tools,  just go through the above web designing tools list. Then find top quality graphic design software apt for your design without the high-end price tag from the internet. And design your website in a fantabulous way. Try to do it,  it’s not for you, but you haven’t lost a chance to know something extraordinary.

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How To Integrate Agile Methods To UX Design Workflow

integrate agile methods to ux design workflow

User Experience Design world is a well-established kingdom of acronyms and buzz words like UX, Agile UX etc. Today we are swimming in the sea of strange words risking catastrophe of miscommunication of our own field. Sometimes these strange words may differentiate important phenomenon and sometimes they’re… well just buzzwords trying to promote people who coined them.

What is Agile UX?

Agile UX is one of the most prominent software development methodologies. It has taken over the software-development world. Agile development has a lot of benefits: an incremental approach, the ability to change direction based on customer and stakeholder feedback, short time frames that keep the teams focused. The ultimate goal of Agile UX is to unify developers and designers in the Agile process of product development.


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Another type of Agile UX method that is used in software development is Scrum. Agile software UX method with Scrum is often perceived as a scrum methodology

Scrum methodology: What’s Involved?

In the agile Scrum world, instead of providing complete, detailed explanation of how everything is to be done on a project, much of it is left up to the Scrum software development team. This is because the team will know best how to overcome the problem they are presented.

Within agile development, Scrum relies on a self-organizing, cross-functional team to perform specific roles. The first is a ScrumMaster, who can be thought of as a coach for the team and the other is the product owner who represents the business, customers or users, and guides the team toward building the right product. The last is the team, For software projects, a typical team includes a mix of software engineers, architects, programmers, analysts, QA experts, testers, and UI designers. Each sprint (run at full speed over a short distance), the team is responsible for determining how it will accomplish the work to be completed. The group has freedom and efficiency to achieve the goals of the sprint.

When several teams work on one product, they should generally use a single Product Owner and a single Product Backlog with customer-centric requirements. Each member of the team should try to build a feature team. And provide a complete part of the product which could be given to a user.

An agile workflow helps teams complete projects quickly, so industries like law and marketing have adopted similar methodologies. As per estimates, 69% of UX practitioners use an Agile UX workflow

Integrating UX into Agile

We are still solving the same problems and doing the same tasks. We need to change the way we work and find a different pattern for our UX workflow.

Agile is absolutely brilliant option for the UX Design discipline. Agile UX Design is completely a teamwork. Designers, developers, and managers make a team work on the different stage of the same problem continuously. This process help to solve problems fastly. The process is seen as a series of stages or increments. At each stage, it gives more focus on user experience and demands, after correcting their problem only it moves to next stage.

 UX Agile best practices

The main aim of the Agile project is the user experience means user satisfaction. The software or design process reach it success mode, only it fulfills the user requirements otherwise it is a failure.

To make UX design more user-friendly, Agile planned a new concept called Chunk UX Design. It makes information easier to understand and remember by breaking it down into smaller groups, or chunks. Chunk UX design helps accommodate our limited capacity for processing information and storage in short-term memory.

Within agile development, It helps to divide the activities into small tasks. Each requirement should be ordered and give responsibility for each section by including user needs.Every decision must directly depend on user choice.

Google’s Design Sprint

When current process come to failure, don’t be upset and go back. Before that take a step back to re-iterate because strong design processes always space for iteration.

Google has developed a methodology to make the Agile UX design process fast and still offer valuable insight. It’s Design Sprint involves five phase

1. Unpack

In the unpack phase, we bring everyone together and “unpack” all the knowledge of the problem within the team. The ideal team will include all representatives of sponsors, senior managers, marketers, designers, developers,  customer service etc. Unpack sprint process is designed to be run by teams rather than individuals. That means everyone together and targeting in the same direction.

2. Sketch

Sketch phase is just opposite to the first phase because it is an individual effort, not a team task. Here, the task is divided and give to everyone and aiming with a detailed solution to the problem. Sketch Design Sprint is very fast and it takes no time when things need changing it. The aim of sketch day is to get as many ideas down as possible.

3. Decision making

Making a decision is really about working out how our solutions may conflict with our objectives and factors like users, technology capacity, Business Drives and Budget. We should have an objective in our mind during the review and we want to review each factor and find its conflicts and also ideas to overcome it. Last part to note all ideas or prototype on a storyboard for specifying that each solution is apt for the user.

4. Prototype

Prototype is a model of a product built to test on a single day by the user. Google suggests prototypes that are build using keynote templates or other tools help developers to make the model in a single day. Here we can use any tool of our choice and select one of the best that is suitable for rapid prototyping. Invite everyone to involve in each and every step.

5. Test

The last stage of google sprint design and user involvement is a must factor for this phase. Everyone who involved in the test should note their findings and want to take these notes and summarize them at the end of the day. This will help us to conclude what needs iterating and improving.

When we make our UX design by using Google methodology, the ideate and test ideas can be predict quickly but we can’t substitute it for all design processes. Maybe it should take several months to finish it in the other design process. So Time is a precious factor in every process and our life. For the agile process, Time management is essential and make it so productive.

Time Management and Time Boxing

Today no one has time to wait and now we are living in “Want it now” world. Time never waits for anyone, we want to use it efficiently according to our needs. Likewise, we can not go back to what we were doing, so just limit our time per session of our process.

In Time management, timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity. It helps to avoid this pitfall while working Agile is to learn to timebox.

There are many tools and techniques to help with timeboxing. “Focus” is one of the tools that help to use on our desktop, iPhone or Apple Watch. It helps us to set up several tasks in for a short span of time and also give 5min breaks between the task.

The   Pomodoro Technique is another practice that helps teams work together in an Agile environment. This technique is used to breaking the project into several time-boxed tasks and help to scope the project, as well estimating the cost. Both apps can be download from App Store.

Another well-known tool is Rally. This software that helps teams record tasks in a time-boxed manner a and very useful in an agile environment. We will get frequent feedback and adjust the scope to meet your business goals. This frequent feedback helps the team to reject ideas that not effective and accept the one that shows more efficiency.

Agile better called ‘Team Work’

Teamwork is something that most people take for granted. Agile forces people from different backgrounds to work together on the Agile team . Agile practices in Design process provide the time and space for teams to collaborate and build relationships with each other.

Any team can be collaborative, but it takes a lot of motivation and effort from everyone.

Multidisciplinary teamwork is one of the success criteria in both user-centered approaches and agile method. It helps to find suitable team members. Multidisciplinary teamwork depends on

  • Putting together, creating and supporting team.
  • Doing all significant teamwork in given workshops
  • Imagining and citing the team’s achievement from the process.


In the Agile environment, The Teamwork can only be beneficial if the team members enhance the goals and planning of the process. So it is important that they actually show the different aspects of the problem or solution space and are aware of their own role in the team.The team must treat people’s ideas and concerns as equally important, irrespective of each team member’s position or power, or they won’t feel motivated to contribute. The team must also have the flexibility to change its course then only we can easily abandon one idea for another.

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