Top Ways To Boost Your Personal Branding In 2018


Are you thinking about to start something as your own business like a personal brand?? Or Are you confused by thinking about the question what is my personal brand? Don’t you think it is a tough task?. Don’t think in reality and follow the updates. Everything is possible in this online world. Clicks make everything at your fingertip. Then why are you waiting for…Now, lets go through some ways to boost your personal branding.

1. Email marketing

One of the best ways to promote personal branding is Email marketing. Email marketing is the process of sending a message to customers about business /brand through email. It does not contain a specific time for sending emails. you can choose a time that fits into your schedule. it’s a free criterion for authors. He can launch the newsletter anytime according to his wish but every letter or mail should contain a good theme which explains about his brand. Then only he can boost his personal brand by promoting customers.

The Email marketing will help to enhance the dealers’ connection with present or earlier customers, increasing client loyalty and repeat business, achieving new clients or influence present customers to buy goods immediately. The things you want to remember while writing an email/newsletter is to avoid strict headline because it will give stress to customers and chance to quit them. Customers are our main target and don’t give a chance to them to ran away from you.

2. LinkedIn-long-form content

I think all are familiar with “LinkedIn”. It is nothing but a social platform allows followers (both employers and workers) to make profiles and connections to each other through online which may represent real-world professional relationships. In this year LinkedIn has seen a major growth in popularity.

We can use LinkedIn to market yourself as well as your corporate brand by publishing long-form content on it. Don’t think too long content make customers boring and cant work today. Now the high-quality long-form content becomes very effective in the social platform(blogs and website) and help to increase the growth of your LinkedIn audience. It’s a simple and easier method to catch audience and  promote your personal brand.

3. Personal website creation

In this online world, website have a significant role. All are depending websites for information. All entrepreneurs should need a personal website for creating a personal brand identity. Personal website help them to catch and attract consumers easily. Customers can know about the various brands and inbound inquiries about new ventures from this website.

In order to start this you need a simple website with ‘About’ page and Blog.  Make a content-oriented blog which means the blog completely shows your creativity and thought the leadership of your brand and boost it through social channels. It will increase your personal brand publicity.

4. Channel publishing

Channel publishing is one of the best ways to boost your personal branding strategy. Today, people spending their most time on social medias. So, these online channels are the best, less expensive and tricky way to attract or impress customers. For this, you need accounts on every channel. Now numerous channels are available on the internet. Find most rated ones and publish your blog, adds or anything about your brand through the channels and give effective information in front of your target audience this is how to improve your brand. And also that is one of the most benefits of personal branding is to keep the connection to your target audience.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that all this ideas are effective only if  the customers observe it. Without the response of customers everything we build is consider a waste process. So in order to increase customer response and content publicity through channels we want to give less money to Google. It only pay when someone clicks and it is the process we  can start with a very small budget to increase the audience attention through online.

5. Twitter Chats participation

Like ‘LinkedIn’,  ‘Twitter’ is an another social platform which help to boost our Personal Brand. In older time, there is no internet  connection, the only method to catch customer is “mouth to mouth” process. I hope u got what it means??…Communication have an  unavoidable role in entrepreneur world. The online world change the way of communication to chat, video chat etc.

In personal brand marketing , Twitter chats have a major role. Twitter chats are always very helpful for promoting brands, the new version include more features make twitter chat specific. Never think simply that,  chatting through Twitter will increase your brand boosting. It only effective when you participate in chat with the most influential people  that related to your industry. It help you to think more and to create innovative ideas to strengthen your personal brand.

6. Vlog-Video Blog

Vlog is the Video Blog which is  very familiar in personal brand marketing. Actually, vlog  is a form of web television. Now people are more interest to watching TV rather than reading a book or a content on screen. So that they can catch the  theme from video very easily even though the customers are not  well educated. Hence Vlog is a most impressive way for common people to reach your brand.

Vlogging is the process of documenting the business man journey visually. Filming all your day to night work of business and publishing through channels is the vlog nature of personal branding. There are a lot of mobile apps are available on the social network like Instagram, Magisto, iMovie etc. Publishing source is not an essential matter, more than we need unique angle and story for our vlog then only we can attract our audience and raise the value of personal branding.

7. Opening doors to local community

To start a personal brand and make it a success is not an easy task especially in this competitive world. Beginners always face struggling to meet success. If the base becomes strong then only the upcoming process reach its destination.

Hence local community is a great place to establish yourself as an expert and to build a strong base for your brand. A local community contains business operators, public agency staff, and residents etc. It leads to the formation of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers.This is a very helpful place for the entrepreneur to achieve his goals. Spend your time with local community and build your personal brand on a pro bono(freely) manner.

8. Podcast content

Podcast is not an unfamiliar word for today society. By definition, a podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files in which the client can download and listen. Podcast is the brightest idea for an entrepreneur to catch client attention through that to boost his personal brand.

Episode your business activities as a podcast and publish it on social channels will help the clients to know more about your personal brand. The interesting thing about this is the user can subscribe your episodes and new episodes are automatically downloaded to their PC or Mobile app. So the availability is very simple and easier and it is less expensive. There are numerous way to share the podcast on internet  are Apple coast, Otto Radio, Google home etc

9. Follow the changes

For building your personal brand at work, you should always update with information on trends, technology etc…..everything under the sky. More you learn…..More you work………easily reach you at the destination. Knowledge is the major fuel you need to drive your personal brand.


One of the main importance of personal branding is ‘Never stop your learning’, because information is the thing that help the people to exist perfectly in every field that he connected to. There are a lot of ways   in this universe to access information especially internet. It help you to reach everything you need at your fingertip through few clicks. So the source is widely opened in front of you, you only need  to utilise it in most perfect way and work on it and follow the updates. Then only you can survive in this challenging world and build a strong personal brand.

10. Need a professional photography

The person who is ready to start a personal brand must careful about this strategy (Need a professional photography) to promote his brand.  Because when you take your profession seriously , all depending promotion criteria should reflect that seriousness. I coming to say that never load a self-image on your social media profiles and other necessary online accounts.

If you want to make your personal brand more professional, you should need to use a professional headshot across all of your online profiles. Seeing the same professional headshot on different platforms in the media, users start to take notice and take what we have to say more serious. Choose a high-quality headshot to make your personal brand look more professional.

In the present world, job security is almost non-existent for the workers who work within the corporate world that is why is personal branding important in today’s economy. I think the perfect utilization of online facilities will help you to achieve success in personal branding without giving much more pressure to your budget. I am sure that you can build a personal marketing by using this above personal branding tips for boosting your personal brand.  Keeps things simple, be authentic and real are some of the main personal brand examples we keep in mind before creating a personal brand.

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Unknown Secrets To Nail Your Corporate Branding Strategy


So what is corporate branding, as in what is corporate branding’s definition?Branding is a very tricky activity and we would need many corporate branding ideas . Promoting a brand or Branding needs constant activity and monitoring to make sure that it goes off in the right track. Storytelling has been one of the most used branding strategy in the advertising world. Storytelling has been used in the advertisements for a really long time. Branding strategies are very much important too for the success of the company as well as the brand. They tell us a story on behalf of the brand, getting us onto a brand journey along with the company.

There are a few unknown secrets to nail your corporate branding strategies. Some of them are listed below.

Speak truthfully

Speak truthfully about whatever your brand does or can do. Telling lies in the case of  a brand can cause a lot of trouble for you. It can backfire the goodwill for your brand rather than making it famous. Honesty and transparency are very much important in the brand strategy building. For a brand to be successful, it should be built on consistency and persistence.this can be done as a part of your company’s corporate branding design.

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Infuse personalities into stories

Personalities that are known, fictional ones that could have the possibility of being famous can be infused into the brand storytelling. Boring stories and tales will never retain readers but versatile personalities would. Stories should have brimming personalities on the centrestage.

Characters that your audience will root for

Characters that people can emotionally connect with are to be imbibed in brand stories. These characters must feel like one among the audience. They need not be animated characters or mascots but people must be pushed to follow them unto their roots. Characters must be familiar but should also be inspirational.

Have the beginning, the middle and the end

The story in any form should have a beginning to it where the characters and other basic things are outlined. Then there is a conflict for a character which makes for a middle. And the end is when the story comes up with a solution for the problem. Every story must follow this storytelling arc.

Culture Connect

When you come up with a branding strategy, you should always come up with one that can culturally connect with the audience you are planning. Be it the product design, the covers or the storyline, a cultural paradox can create an ill will, confusion and can negatively impact your branding strategy.

Make it an ‘I have to have’

It is not enough to just generate lukewarm responses for your brand, it must be a rage and a trend. Branding strategy must catapult the product to a trending one with people wanting to have it and it turning into an absolute essential in the life.

Out of the box identity

Brand identity that can strike a chord with people – it can build a positive image of the brand to the outer world. The identity of the brand is the first thing that strikes one’s mind and that needs to be the best done.

Make it meaningful

Meaningful brand identities can be the biggest strength of a brand strategy. Meaning gives it an overall depth and that works in favor of the strategy at any given point of time.

Branding isn’t a child’s play. It needs expert to carry off good and effective. It needs strategies, plans and a lot more time. Worried because you have no idea? Let ColorMean Creative Studio, web design and branding agency in Dubai, do it! You will never be disappointed! Contact us today for further details.

How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

Video contents have been the most popular part of social media marketing lately. Marketing with words or content has been the trend of past as videos and visual storytelling has been the call of the day in this tech century. Content doesn’t have the power to make people sit up and take notice. You need to have an engaging video content that can engage people and make them stay in your page or to make them read what you have written. Multimedia works the best in these cases.

So a video content can take your company from being a zero to a hero. These videos do engage more people from more age group. When you give people a page full of words and a video, people would obviously go to the video content because that engages them and helps drive the point home – straight, sharp and to the ‘T’!

How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

More than 74% of people see 3/4th of a video that is uploaded in the internet. They have a high engaging rank and people are hooked up in seeing one video after another. More video content has been generated by uploaded in the internet than it has been broadcasted on tv for 2 decades. Such is the power of video content on netizens.

It is estimated that around 33% 0f smartphone and tablet users view 2 hours of video content daily. 55% of people watch video content on internet daily. With such huge engagement and participation, who wouldn’t want their followers and likers to watch a video uploaded by them.

So why is it really necessary for a company to put up video content for its follower? There are somethings that a video can give your company that nothing else can give you. Lets see what it gives to its followers.

Boosts Conversions and Sales

An interesting video in the landing page of your website can be a game change for you and your company. It is said that the video on your website’s landing page can increase your company’s conversions. It is also said that people usually end up buying products they saw in a video. Thus it can also increase your sales value.

Great Return of Investment

Even though a video is not the easiest to pull off or make, it has great return of investment. It is not really very easy to make one and upload it. But with all the editing tools and softwares constantly updating their tools, it has become fairly easy to edit a video and make it presentable. Moreover it has been researched and found that a video need not be flawless every time. The perfect example is YouTube.The viewers are just into details gathering through a video. A poorly explained video can be a bad mark but never a poorly edited one!

The Trust Factor

Trust is a very important factor when it comes to conversions and sales. Building up trust can be a huge task. Trust is the foundation of it all. It is researched and found that videos on your website can up the trust factor among your potential clients and customers. In this era of internet shopping, there are people who are afraid to do so fearing fake products. A video on your products and their delivery can work wonders on your customer’s psyche.


Google has been loving videos a much too much nowadays. So they have been listing websites with videos on the landing page. The ranking of such videos and websites have been high. For SEO purpose, it is very much easier for a website with landing video to be ranked in Google. You can even optimize your video for youtube for a wider and larger range.

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Mobile Users

Mobile users are likely to view videos on the go. The advertisements that we skip in the tv are viewed by mobile video watchers. Somehow it appeals to them more when they watch it on their small screen or on the go. But video makers should be aware of the interference they do to the individual mobile users.


Videos can explain things in a more precise and correct way than words can. Words can be interpreted in many ways while the video has it all spelt and explained for correctly. If you want people to be aware of something or to be cautioned for something or something similar to it a video van work wonders in making people understand and engage themselves.


Even the laziest person can be engaged using a video. It appeals to everyone and anyone in any age group. It can educate, entertain and liberate any individual. Visual media is that powerful!

Social Shares

The most number of social shares are for videos. They contribute to the most number of activities in various social media.

These are the reasons why you should be promoting a video on your website or social media networks!

Videos are much better tools of understanding for people. Multimedia like videos have a lasting impression on people’s mind & that can be a head start in the business. We, Color Mean Creative Studio, a branding and web design agency in Dubai, can create engaging videos for business. Contact us today for further details.