Interesting Logo Design Trends For 2018

Logo Design Trends For 2018

The logo is the first impression of a company. Logo sets the primary image of a brand. It is upon this logo that people will estimate the company’s standing in the industry, their reputation etc. Logos are designed in a very innovative fashion – one that appeals to anyone of any age group. There are also some logo design rules to follow.

Here are some 2018 modern corporate logo design trends.

Digital painting

There are many digital tools that are used to design logos in today’s world. They have invaded the market of creativity in the last 2 years. The newer digital platforms have very clean brushes and clean outputs that come out from them. the outputs is logo vector designs.  Tools of 2018 that are to be used are Photoshop sketch, Procreate, Illustrator Draw etc.

Hyper minimal designs

Somehow whenever things are overdone they become a fail with the masses. Keeping things simple can be the most useful success mantra. When you design a simple logo without much of ornamentation, you are sure that you will be able to revamp it without much of a difficulty as time goes on.


As part of keeping things simple, something that is going to be a sure short are the floral patterns. Florals are going to be next big thing. Florals are minimalistic and give out a fashionable as well as traditional vibe.  it also influences the 208 logo color trends. Florals can be dressed up or dressed down. They also are very feminine and have a very positive image to it. Anything floral can very well brighten up any drab, sad day.

Shadow breaks

Shadow breaks are the trend of logos as of 2018. Shadows break the monotony and they also act as a color shift. Shadow breaks can also be used to make an image of depth. A vision of layers upon layers can be made up by shadow breaks in the right places. If used well shadow breaks can give the logo a very natural 3D affect.

Fade out effects

Fadeout effects just like shadow breaks can be break in monotony of the logo. It also gives a depth and layered affect to the otherwise plain logo. The fade outs are much preferred in a white background. The freshness of white has been used and it is effective too. White backgrounds enhance the fadeout effect and it becomes more profound and beautiful for the logo designs.

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Simple overlays

Simple overlays are going to be the thing of 2018. Overlays with contrasting colors will be attractive and can lend the logos a 3D effect. These overlays create a depth and can give these logos very different meanings with different colors and contrasting ones used.

Multicentric circles

When you have circles in the logo you get a sort of closure in it. The concentric circles give you a feel of the layers as well as a safe and closed feeling. It gives out positivity and that is why many logos lately sport concentric circles in them. It is going to be the rage of 018.


Ellipses are a literary tool that denotes etcetera and many more. Ellipses are used in text, verses and poems to denote that the subject discussed in it has a lot more stuff to be discussed. But cannot be done here due to many constraints and due to many internal conflicts. Ellipses lend a deeper meaning to logos and this can be seen in many logos in the coming year.

Pasta bend

Many logos will show off bends and curves that resemble a pasta dish. They are sported with the support of highlights and other shadow works that lend a depth to the logo. It actually involves shadows, layering as well as other tools. With a pasta bend a logo can be made 3D, allowing it a personality that goes with the company’s as well as its image.


Warping means distorting any sort of image, line or text. It gives the logo a different perspective and as well as a funky attitude. The warping is used as a popular filter in various camera apps. It is fun and also adds a touch of quirkiness to the logo used. It is a very innovative method and is predicted to be the big trend in coming year 2018.

Logos are the evergreen images of a company. It tells people much more than the company’s identity. You would need a timeless logo to attract people across all age at all the time.

So here we are presenting to you some 2018 corporate logo designs. For logos that transcends time and age, there is ColorMean Creative Studio, One among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do contact us today for further details about our services.

Top 11 Tips About Graphic Designing


So graphic designers are everywhere now. So here are some tips for graphic design beginners. These are some tips a graphic designer should know, no matter what!

Attempting other designer’s style of designing

Whichever area you may be working for, a personality that you can work with is going to take you to heights and places. Designer’s style is their persona and it can reflect their personal style in a nutshell. Compromising on it may seem like compromising your personality.

Attempting other designer’s style of designing

Listen to your client

This is one of the easiest graphic design hacks in this world. Clients are the people who are going to be using your designs. So ultimately they are going to be the people who should love and like your work. So, speaking and listening to your client can help you get insights into your designing.

Gather Inspiration

Get inspiration from around the world. Inspiration can be gathered from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Get inspired from other people’s work and from all around the world. Inspiration cannot be a license to copying the person’s exact work. You can get inspiration from the person but you just cannot copy the exact work.

Have a solid reason behind every design

Always have a solid strong reason as to why you have chosen a type of design over another when it comes to explaining it to your client. The reason must be convincing enough for the clients to approve of your choice. The design choice mustn’t be entirely on your liking. It must be seen that it also accommodates the client’s likes and dislikes in it as in the last stage it is they who must like it and use it for their promotions etc.

Use of contrast colors as well as fonts

Contrast always attracts people. Contrast also stands out from the crowd. When you have a very light background, it is recommended that you can have a dark font color. That is the basic thumb rule for designing.

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Template for images

Images need to be arranged in a template. An impromptu arrangement can go haywire in case of images. A freehand arrangement can seem unprofessional and clumsy in case of images. So when arranging images always do it in a template.

Observe and Analyze

Be it the work or the way to work observing and analyzing other designer’s work can improve yourself and also be an inspiration for your much better and good work. So observing and analyzing can be a good exercise for any kind of artist.

Be wary of free projects

Once in awhile doing a project for your friend or a junior or a senior has never hurt a designer. These can all be contributed to your experience. Experience is a very important factor when it comes to being a designer. But it is always seen that it is free projects that take up most of your times – emails, revisions, corrections etc. So it is always not advisable to do free work very often.

Don’t get caught up in the idea of perfection

Perfection is a very tough thing to achieve in design. Something that is perfect for one person might be far from perfection for someone else. While it is good to pay attention to minute details of  project, you must be very careful that concentrating on these details do not hinder your work flow or productivity. You should know when to call it quits regarding a project and feel that it is as good as it can get.

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Always Learn

Especially when it a creative field. Being well informed and always being on top of the game can be rewarding. Being aware of the trends and designs will always stand you in good stead when it comes to designing. Clients can be taught about the latest techniques and they can also be made to follow the trends so that they gather really good followers as growing up business.

Keep it simple, always

Whatever the trend may be or whatever is the ’in’ thing right now, always keep it simple. Simple is always elegant and works fine with anything. Trends come and go but classics remain!

Graphic designers are the ones who give our art life. They are the most important people. Worried about how your designs are going to come out? Worry not when ColorMean Creative Studio, branding and web design agency in Dubai, is here! You will never be disappointed! Contact us today for further details.


Important Logo Designing Rules You Should Never Forget

Designing is purely the work of creativity. Creativity has no rules and so when it comes to designing anything, it doesn’t have any cut and dried rule. You can’t ask creativity to follow any particular rule or order. But however as is the case of any art that evolves, designing too has got few rules that people seldom dare to break. However, nowadays people are encouraged to break rules or at least explore them to create magic through their designs. Responsive web designs also gained prominence nowadays.

However one of the most common thing a designer will always design is a logo. So there are a few rules when it comes to designing logos. These are some rules and regulations that you should follow if you would want to come up with a decent logo. So what makes a good logo design? They are listed below.


Logo is an identity of your business. Your logo needs to be like you and your business – unique. Uniqueness is a quality that people look at for you. Imitation someone’s logo can backfire immediately. You are actually giving away the identity of your business to someone when you imitate their logo.


Many people do not actually get the real meaning of this word Timeless. Being a timeless logo doesn’t mean you are not allowed to change it or that you will have to predict what will work in the coming years and then incorporate it in the logo made.

Being timeless simply means being neutral and not indulging in the time’s trends when it comes to logos. Trends keep changing all the time. From season to season, trends keep shifting. So when it comes to logo, not succumbing to them can do you real good.

Gimmicks free

Classy, decent logos can always strike a chord with people. Apart from filters and other gimmicks when a logo is accepted as it is, it is the biggest happiness. Gimmicks probably would work for a given time. But it may not be the case as of long term efficiency. Gimmicks may actually give away the quality of your work.


When it is a company, you would want to paste your logo on everything – your promotions, your office walls, stationeries etc. for this to happen the logo must be very versatile. It must be adaptable to all these scenarios. You must also have a black and white version of your logo for the usage in various promotion and advertisement purposes. There are also standard logo sizes that needs to be followed for adaptability of the logo designed.


The logo must be very scalable and people must be able to recognize your logo even when it is half an inch size. There mustn’t be scrawny writing as it can’t be deciphered in the half an inch space. You will have to blow it up to really huge size and also to a very small space as tiny as a postage stamp. I all depends upon the logo design size in photoshop. So to be good when scaled is another important factor when it comes to logos.

Color is secondary

Colors of a logo should always come secondary as it shouldn’t be the dominating factor in the logo. If such is the cse, as said in the scalability issue, the relevance of the logo may be lost when it is scaled or made into a black and white version. A success of the logo should never be based on its colors and that means your logo is standing on a rather shaky foundation.

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Aspect Ratio of a logo

Aspect ratio is the height and width of the logo compared to the canvas it is on that is standard logo size for print. You wouldn’t want a too tall or a too wide logo as it may not be aesthetically good. A square logo is what works the best aesthetically. And design elements poking out of the basic shape of the logo can also affect the amount of space the logo takes up on a page as it should also be logical as well as economical.

But all these are the case of creativity and as we said earlier creativity has no rules and cannot be bound by any rules. At times to get a good logo that can go places, you may have to break every rule said above. So it cannot be always said that these rules should be followed. They are the common ones but if they needs to be broken they need to be broken.

Logos are very important part of any business. A logo in place saves a lot of money as well as hardwork. Besides logo is also a part of your brand identity. For logos that people can relate to and identify you with, approach ColorMean Creative Studio, branding and web design agency in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.