An Ultimate List Of Best Plugins For Web And Graphic Designers

Do you have any photo editing software on your computer? Are you a photoshop user? Can Photoshop do all effects to your images? Yes, almost all effects beautifully do with the photoshop, but nothing in an extraordinary level. Always designers are trying to make something that is very uncommon and they find difficult to do with this photoshop alone. Don’t worry I will help you. Here I am listing some of the best Photoshop plugins ( add-on programs aimed at providing additional image effects that are impossible to fulfill using Adobe photoshop alone)that is very useful for web and graphic designer.


Dreamy photo plugin gives some imaginary or soft romantic feel to the image. All dreamlike effect is adding through layers. Actually, Dreamy Photo utilizes two layers like original and duplicate layer and this  plugin softens the duplicated layer and leaves the original unchanged as shown in figure

This is an awesome effect for enlarging stock photography, digital camera photos and any image you want to add a romantic feel to. Dreamy photo plugin can be download freely from developer’s website and it also requires an activation code which can be easily available through our email address.


EasyMockups has one of the best and most modern Photoshop panel designs which are more prominent in today market. As like the word, it is a very easy process. You can create your MobileApp mockup’s within seconds. What you want to do is select form the predesigned mockups, select your background and artwork layers and your work is done.

Easy mockups contain 10 unique mockups which are helpful to generate standout presentations easily and quickly for our designs.


INK is a photoshop plugin that helps us to bring few extra essential data about mockups by documenting your layers and also make the communication easier with your design by generating full specs, including text formatting, typographic settings, dimensions and more.

Adobe photoshop

Ink plugin is available freely on the internet and it is a very useful photoshop plugin for graphic designers. It makes their job most creative, simple and time-saving.


Webzap is a  Photoshop plugin designed to assist web designers in their mockup and UI design workflow with additional tools and functionalities.

WebZap makes the process (experiment with layout ideas)so simple and easier because it has a powerful layout generator that helps us to create web page mockups based on the 960 grid. Due to this, we can see our layout ideas come to life with just a few clicks. It creates all user interface elements fully layered and crafted from custom shapes. Hence we can edit them in any way we like. It is very cheap because Webzap photoshop plugin can freely download from the internet.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome plugin is one of the most prominent icon fonts and best free photoshop plugins available today on the market. It is very user-friendly in photoshop, instead of copy and paste, you can create a Font Awesome custom shape pack to use directly from the Photoshop Shapes Toolbar.

Font Awesome photoshop plugin is a fantabulous collection of web related icon which is very useful for web designers and developers. Font Awesome plugin makes the designer’s work very easy because these icons can be translated into code as scalable vectors. And we can treat them as any other font by adding color, drop-shadows, and other effects etc.


Portraiture photoshop plugin is prominent today because almost all advertisement agency using this plugin to make their screen artist more fair and beautiful. It is one of the best photoshop plugins for photographers and they prefer this plugin mostly to make their photos more attractive and perfect.

Portraiture is a powerful masking tool that smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other essential portrait details such as hair,  eyelashes, eyebrows etc. Actually, the skin correctness process takes to much time when we edit in pixel by pixel but when we use the portraiture plugin to skin retouch it became a funny activity and get a perfect outcome with a short span of time.


Page curl plugin generates attractive and highly customizable page curls on any image. It allows us to create page turn and page fold effect on both regular and non-rectangular object.

Page curl plugin is straightforward to use and designed to fit in with other Photoshop tools. By using this plugin we can apply page curls on every corner of the same photo and also we can combine different curls on the same photo. Page curl plugin made realistic page curl effect creation easier and simpler.


Snapheal is an interesting plugin used for image editing. It is the most functional and fastest object removal software prominent in today market. With the help of this plugin, we can remove unwanted elements or objects from our photos, heal skin blemishes and fix common imperfection in the picture.

It’s a proficient Photoshop plugin with a branded processing engine and easy-to-use controls. What we want to do to use this plugin is…. move the cursor to the unwanted object in the image, highlight it and remove it. Now try to make your image more beautiful by removing unwanted things using the Snapheal plugin.

Designing things is not a small matter…creating something as our own is a great thing that we can proud of ourselves. So don’t miss any chance ….just try to make something very special, attractive in your photoshop by using all this plugin if you need more just google it. Still, you think you need help to make your work more impressive. Don’t worry..We are here to help you,  ColorMean Creative Studios, one among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do Contact us todayfor further details about our services.

The Miracle Machine

Computers are the most phenomenal of man’s inventions. They have been easing our lives for many decades now. They are present in our lives now. It has become a very irreplaceable thing in all our lives. Computers have dominated all the aspects of our lives. It has become an inevitable part of our living times. We even have computers to do simple functions of our lives. We have computers that can replace humans. Computer has inhibited every part of our life. Computer resides in every house, everywhere.

We people cannot imagine a life without computers nowadays. We wouldn’t know what to do without our computers to look into! But can you imagine a time in the past where all these were considered futuristic and nerdy? Can you imagine a time when all these technologies were not there and people actually talked to each other – face to face and had time for each other?

Before 1943 there wasn’t a thing called computers, at least not in material! World’s first computer ENIAC was first put into use in 1943. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was used to calculate artillery firing tables. An ENIAC has 17,468 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, 1,500 relays, 6000 manual switches, 5 million soldiered joints and used 160 kWhs of electrical power to work.

ENIAC was invented in the University of Pennsylvania. It is said that when ENIAC is in action, houses around the neighbourhood had electricity problems. It was literally catastrophic with ENIAC. ENIAC had a large consumption of electricity. It also occupied a large amount of place. It almost covered 3 floors in University of Pennsylvania.

Along with all the paraphernalia, it has to have all the current it needs and as I said its consumption is really very high. As the technology began becoming efficient, the size of the machines began decreasing and even their efficiency began increasing.

As the revolution started, in 1965 Gordon.E.Moore coined the Moore’s law. It states that the number of transistors that are used in a computer doubles every 2 years. It wasn’t a law when he said it and was merely a prediction, an observation that he foresees. Fortunately for him it became true from the year 1965 to 2013. From 2013 the upgradation began every 3 years. In 2013 there were 3 million more transistors in use than there were in 1965.

The Apple A8 xProcessor of 2014 has 3 billion processors which renders it powerful enough to compete with the supercomputers made in 1990s. It means it took us 20 years of exponential chip development to reach this type of efficiency in mobile devices.

Back when ENIAC was the buzz of the day, transistors, that we talk about today, weren’t anywhere in the horizon. There were vacuum tubes. When an ENIAC was working, vacuum tubes constantly came out and the users had to stick it in. but in our latest gadgets powered by dual core Itanium 2 has 1,700,000,000 transistors put into 596 mm².

As the technology progresses we look for other realms that we can conquer. Some of the most recent inventions are Protein Computers, Graphene Computers, and DNA Computers etc. Scientists have already been engaging themselves in the production of these computers. With such technologies in line, one need not be cautious of any apocalypse, as technology is the case.

As technologies build up, the energies used have been evolving and getting smaller day by day. ENIAC had used watts of electricity and energy while some of the computers and technologies at work today don’t need half of the energy that ENIAC used.

In the yonder past, no one not even the brightest of scientists then thought that the technology would be so developed. Once Bill Gates, the greatest tech revolutionary we have ever seen, had said that 640 Kb of RAM is all that anyone would need at any point of time.

Such was the days and look at the change we have witnessed in the technology front – now that’s vast, huge and exponential. Best is yet to be!