An Ultimate Guide On Color Theory To Designers
    Ultimate guide on color theory to designers

    It is colors that bring our boring life to action. Colors play a very important part in our life as well as careers. Through our everyday encounters we are pretty sure that colors are much more than what we see. It has this magic power to transform us in an instant – like magic. Color theory can decipher the emotions we have. Seeing a calm blue can quieten us in a chaotic day, a baby pink can make us coo cutely when we were screaming a minute ago and a red can fill us with hunger pangs just after a full size meal.

    We must admit that there is a sociology and psychology behind every color. It is impossible for a designer to crack all of them. Here in this article, we talk about color theory for designers and are trying to decipher a very few of them.

    Color is Sociology

    As said every color has a meaning and psyche much like we humans. It is a color theory art. Colors can be used to convey a meaning or it can be used to contort a meaning. When you are designing for an international audience, always research on what your color pallet means to the audience there. The colors you use may have different meanings and implication in the minds of your target audience. You will have to know what each color means for the country you are designing for.

    For example, in the Western countries, the color red signifies danger, love, passion etc. in East Asian countries, the same red means celebrations, festivities, happiness and long life. For Celtics, the red signifies death. Of all for Russians it means Communism!

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    So between every country there can be vast difference when it comes to meanings for colors. Let us look at some meanings of colors in Indian context. In Asian countries, the color black is associated with everything dark and negative. Dark symbolizes evil and is considered highly inauspicious. But in western world, black means luxury and richness. Black is considered premium.

    White isn’t considered a color in Indian context. It is absence of any color. White is associated with anything sober or death. It is the only color that widows can wear and is considered deemed for any death in the family. White is associated with sadness and numbness. White also signifies purity in many countries. It is also considered to convey calmness.

    Total opposite to white is the color red. It is color of festivity and also all things destructive too.  Red is also a color of festivity, happiness and fertility. A bride is always decked in bright hues of red during her wedding. So red is also auspicious. red also means danger in many countries. it signifies bloodshed and violence. red is also a sign of warning.

    It a science too!

    As much as colors are subjective, colors are also scientific. It is contrary but colors are subjective and scientific at the same time. Scientifically it is said that colors can affect the behaviour and attitudes of a person very easily.

    A colour can definitely push you into a emotional turmoil or it can pull you out of one too. Some of the types of colours that can be categorized scientifically are given below.

    Pures – Colours that are used in solids in a design that gives a summery, happy and energetic vibe to it.  For example – Orange, red, yellow etc.

    Tints – When colors are mixed with white, they give out a calm and soft feel to the whole setting. It renders a tender and delicate feel to the whole design. They also come in with a dose of feminity.

    Shades – shades are colors with a hint of black in them. It gives them a mysterious and darker look. This gives them an evil perception.

    Design for diversity

    Diversity is the key to any website.  Create the website as diverse as it can be. Design keeping in mind the cultural diversity in the target audience. Every country will have a different cultural psychology regarding colors. Your website must cater to all of it in a neutral manner.

    Colours lend us life. It is colors that keeps us going in this dreary world. Some colors let us live, others haunt and yet others worsen us. So here a few color theory tips from Color Mean Creative Studio, a web design company in Dubai. We hope this proves useful to you and do contact us today for further details about our services.


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