Best Ways To Design Sites Faster In Photoshop
    Best Ways To Design Sites Faster In Photoshop

    Photoshop is one of the most versatile software we have for designing. It has the most flexible tools that are best for designing websites and other media collaterals. In Photoshop, while designing a website, you can clearly see the workflow of them making it easier and productive. You have to follow some web design tips and tricks to make it work. But deadlines are real and are to be met. You did wish you had more time to design it. You wish you could make it a lot better. You often wonder about how to easily create a website faster and freely with database that is available. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a google mobile friendly test. You can use internet tools such as Pingdom page speed to check the speed of the websites. If this is often your case, here are a few best ways to design websites a lot better, easier and faster in Photoshop.

    Organize your files

    Organizing your files in a way you can find out where they are is one of the basic ways to get your work done faster. Being organized helps you in getting to know where you can find things. When you have things organized, it is not about keeping things in a place, it is about knowing where you have kept the things you would want to finish a project. This way you save up on time looking up for things you would need. This way you work faster and easier.

    Organize your layers

    Organizing things inside the Photoshop is as important as organizing them outside of it. by organizing the different layers you use in Photoshop, you make it lot easier for you as well for a different designer to grab hold of a layer and modify it. Giving general headings like ‘header’, ‘footer’, ‘menu section’ etc can make it easier for anyone to identify them and make any necessary changes in the design. In this way you can navigate files through Photoshop.

    Make use of the Undo option

    You make a small mistake in your design and that is when you realize the power of the Undo button. It erases the latest modification that you have done and brings the design back to the previous version of design. When you make a mistake, it is better to undo it than to try to fix it. Fixing it may require a lot of steps while undoing it and redoing it requires less of time and steps. Undoing multiple steps can eventually take you back to the original design. To undo multiple times, click Alt + Ctrl + Z.

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    Use Eyedropper tool

    Colors are the basis of a website. When colors repeat and if they should be done without a mistake, it can become a tedious job to do it with the correct shades. It is at this point that you use an eyedropper tool. It becomes useful when you have to pick up a shade and use it any other place. If you like a particular color that you would want to use again, you can pick it up with an eyedropper tool. This way, getting a shade of color become much easier and faster.

    Know the keyboard shortcuts

    For all the functions you perform on Photoshop, there are equivalent shortcuts for it. These shortcuts are big time savers. Learn from the mostly used tools. This way you get accustomed to use the keyboard shortcuts for these functions. They save time that you can utilize to make your designs bigger and better. There are also many sites that guide you on what shortcuts to use for what functions. Follow them and a major part of your time will be saved.

    Create style guides and follow it

    Once you create a layout or a design framework that you will be using pretty frequently, save it as a style guide in the Photoshop. This way you will be saved from a lot of work of recreating the framework or the design from the scratch for the new project. This also saves you truckloads of time in designing things for your website.

    Making use of CC libraries

    CC library is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop. You get all your design necessities in the CC library. It is also easy to collaborate with other artists. It is done with just a click of the mouse. You do not have to go a long way to lend a new perspective to your work. Your works will have a touch of collaborations without much of an effort from your side.

    Website designs are much easier when done in Photoshop. There are tricks and tricks to do it easier and faster in Photoshop. So here are some of the best ways to do it by ColorMean Creative Studios, one among the leading web design agency in Dubai. Do contact us today for further details about our services.

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