7 Digital marketing strategies to look out in 2017
    digital marketing strategies 2017

    Digital marketing has been the order of the day. It has been an arena with vast possibilities and opportunities. The digital world has been nothing short of a fairy tale for the marketing platform. It has opened a whole new window to the world. Digital marketing, much like any form of marketing, has been subject to many trends and eras. 2017 is not an exception and the year has opened a couple of new trends. It can pave way for new results in the big, bad business world! There are various ways to get more business through internet. You have to explore all the important trends.

    Some trends of 2017 are listed here, once that are too good that you just can’t ignore or not afford to take up on!


    Contents are the most important pieces of an advertisement. When wielded in the right way, content can be the most spectacular element in an advertisement. With brochures, pamphlets, and other elements becoming very popular, content marketing is the new 2017 trend to look out for. Contents that are unique, catchy and marketable are the trend now. Content marketing is said to attract 56% of the audience to a promotion, campaign or ad. Compared to traditional marketing tools, content marketing is said to generate 3 times more leads and audience.


    This has been a rage in few recent years and this is a trend that’s going to be a success mantra in the later half of 2017. This is a sure shot leap into success if you know what media to concentrate on, based on the customers or clients you attract. Once you identify them and go about doing the marketing diligently, success is sure to be by your side. On the lower side, a small move and it can take decades for you to recover as it is the social world, the virtual world that we are dealing with!


    Smartphones are the ‘in’ thing and owning one of the most expensive ones can land you into the category of ‘cool ones’! When mobile is so much important for us, marketing through them is only an obvious option. Mobiles are devices that are going to be with us for a lifelong period. Missing them, when their batteries die or when they stop working, we lose our control. So marketing through them is definitely going to work and is going to be your ‘smart’ move to success. 90% of times spent on our smartphones are spent on different apps. Apps can host your advertisements and you just can’t really ignore them while you are on to the app. this is one of the major areas of concentration on mobile marketing.


    Bots are suddenly the talk of the town. Bots are technology that can mimic human behavior. Chat bots are increasing becoming famous. Chat bots allow you to chat to a machine about anything regarding a topic and it would reply. You wouldn’t know it is not a human, even for a second. For example, if you have access to a movie bot, you can ask all about the movies running, show times, seat availability etc. if chat bots can be used for marketing, it can revolutionize the way we shop. Instead of aimlessly going through one shop after another, a bot can help you locate your dream – instantly and absolutely glitch-free.


    Technology that surpasses human behavior and intelligence are going to be the order of the day. It is going to change how marketing ticks and can ease the manpower contributed into marketing. Digital assistance have been employed by a few big names in technology. This beckons that AI is a trend that is sure to watch out for and it is technology that is here to stay!


    With so many options on the internet and the whole world at your disposal, marketers have a hard time cracking various strategies to put to use all the information that is being given to them. Marketers of today have plenty of platforms to market, making it a wide and risky choice. But the internet takes it and gives you such ripe fruits that you think – ‘it’s worth it!’


    People all over the world have embraced the Virtual reality. Marketers find it the most attractive strategy. People are more open to these new trends and technologies. So marketers are trying to bring in their products into virtual reality platforms. Product and elements that immerse the viewers inside, giving out a feeling of all reality – that’s what Virtual reality has to offer you. People enjoy it and so they are on to it!

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