Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2018
    digital marketing trends


    As time pass by we are evolving, so does the technology. The rate of that growth is increased every year. These constant changes have made us adaptable to new trends and now ‘change’ is more like a day-to-day thing. Next year, that change is going to touch new heights in digital marketing. Here are the top digital marketing trends of 2018.


    This is the biggest trend that each and every brand is trying to achieve. The urge to create contents which are engaging and customized for each individual is on the rise. The satisfaction of a customer when they are provided with best customer experience is priceless. Lot of companies are now investing in this area. To provide personalization to a customer, you have to know the customer well. There are lot of benefits for personalization. Personalizing messages will enhance user engagement and results in increased quality leads. Personalised sales circle helps in shortening of sales cycle. Sending personalised non-sales messages to customers make them feel you care and are willing to offer value for no financial gain, and increases retention rates. This is a new face of online marketing.

    Machine learning

    Machine learning is the process of using the massive power and objectivity of computers to determine insights from big data which humans cannot find, and use these data to accurately predict results. It is a combination of statistics, science and computer codes to find out patterns in bulk data. These discovered patterns will be the reference for further decision making of the system. In other words, the machine itself will learn and adapt. This result in low communication cost, as Majority of customers can be kept updated on offers via automatic emails, scheduled social-media posts and online ads. Machine learning helps to pinpoint the right quantity and use the most effective channels for marketing.

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    Mobile and smartphones

    In the recent year we all have seen the reports of mobile internet usage surpassing desktop internet usage. Mobile internet usage is reaching out for new heights. In marketing it is very important to know where your customers are. So concentrating in those areas will get you more results. With every year the amount of time people spending online is growing, thanks to the technology they have lot of devices to choose from. This makes it important to decide which mind-set you have to adopt. Because people rely on their phones for all their needs, mobiles are becoming more like an extension of themselves. Every advertisement has to feel like a personal experience. This will help in creating a bond between the customer and the brand which will lead to brand loyalty.

    Augmented reality

    This is the combination of digital data and real-world interface. A digital projection of information on real time experience. With augmented reality interactivity of online marketing can be transplanted into real world. Lot of brands have already started using this technology. Some examples are virtual fitting rooms used by clothing retailers and furniture stores using this to let customers view how their homes would look like, even before placing the furniture of their choice. This helps them in reducing the physical space of the showroom. Social media companies are planning to add augmented reality into their platforms. This is expected to be the integral part of marketing process in the years to come.


    Micro moments are those moments when a person turns to a device while in need of going somewhere, knowing something, doing something or buying something. These moments are the crucial moments in decision making and they can be influenced. Mobile phones are the key in this approach, because people carry them everywhere they go. Micro moment marketing is the idea of utilizing every micro moment when a customer reaches for his/her device, by providing what he/she needs. People feel more convinced when they feel special and emotionally connected. If these moments are used wisely, marketing opportunities can expand in large scale.

    SEO and content marketing integration

    These days, how google search used to take place is changing. Now, what you speak is directly transformed into search. This is a great opportunity for industry to learn more about their customer so that they can understand what the customers need and then the content can be analytically and creatively optimized for search. Paid ads industry is one of the biggest rivals of SEO. Pay-per-click is like the smog in front of the view. In the olden days marketers used search engines to drive traffic into their sites. But since google stated displaying search engine result pages, the trend changed. Now the content has to be truly valuable and engaging to readers. SEO and content are converging into a single objective. The process is challenging but the possibilities are enormous as well.

    Brand participation in messaging platforms

    Studies have shown us messaging platforms are used by more than 2.5 billion people globally. In the years to come we can see brands investing time and money in connecting with customers through messaging platforms. Relying only on social media trends isn’t going to cover the evolving new ways of digital media trends. Offering personalized experiences through messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger will influence customers on their terms. Even though a brand is not providing a service of personalized information to a customer, they can still use messaging apps to build brand awareness through entertainment. Another way of accomplishing this is by using a chat bot. It would be a fun experience for the customers. This is a platform for customers to talk back and so brands know what they really want.

    Digital transformation

    Digital transformation is the change in aspects of human society, present and future shifts in mind, in association with the application of digital technology. It is a journey with multiple goals towards optimization. It aims to bring possibilities and opportunities of latest technology in an innovative way in the future. This is a way of modifying or even creating new business models using digital technologies. Digital transformation makes it possible to understand the changing looks and needs of customers and this can bring the brand into customer’s attention. In other words it can be said as a combination of using every digital possibility available for understanding customers and modifying strategies to provide better service.

    2018 is a year for lot of possibilities and surprises to look forward to. In terms of digital advertising and digital marketing, these are the possibilities which are anticipated by the world. While generalizing, there is always room for exceptions. The possibility for anything to appear out of nowhere and top the curve in a blink of an eye can’t be neglected. But for now, to adapt to this fast moving pace, marketers need to consider these rising trends because the potential of the results are endless and larger than imagination.

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