Top 11 Tips About Graphic Designing

    So graphic designers are everywhere now. So here are some tips for graphic design beginners. These are some tips a graphic designer should know, no matter what!

    Attempting other designer’s style of designing

    Whichever area you may be working for, a personality that you can work with is going to take you to heights and places. Designer’s style is their persona and it can reflect their personal style in a nutshell. Compromising on it may seem like compromising your personality.

    Attempting other designer’s style of designing

    Listen to your client

    This is one of the easiest graphic design hacks in this world. Clients are the people who are going to be using your designs. So ultimately they are going to be the people who should love and like your work. So, speaking and listening to your client can help you get insights into your designing.

    Gather Inspiration

    Get inspiration from around the world. Inspiration can be gathered from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Get inspired from other people’s work and from all around the world. Inspiration cannot be a license to copying the person’s exact work. You can get inspiration from the person but you just cannot copy the exact work.

    Have a solid reason behind every design

    Always have a solid strong reason as to why you have chosen a type of design over another when it comes to explaining it to your client. The reason must be convincing enough for the clients to approve of your choice. The design choice mustn’t be entirely on your liking. It must be seen that it also accommodates the client’s likes and dislikes in it as in the last stage it is they who must like it and use it for their promotions etc.

    Use of contrast colors as well as fonts

    Contrast always attracts people. Contrast also stands out from the crowd. When you have a very light background, it is recommended that you can have a dark font color. That is the basic thumb rule for designing.

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    Template for images

    Images need to be arranged in a template. An impromptu arrangement can go haywire in case of images. A freehand arrangement can seem unprofessional and clumsy in case of images. So when arranging images always do it in a template.

    Observe and Analyze

    Be it the work or the way to work observing and analyzing other designer’s work can improve yourself and also be an inspiration for your much better and good work. So observing and analyzing can be a good exercise for any kind of artist.

    Be wary of free projects

    Once in awhile doing a project for your friend or a junior or a senior has never hurt a designer. These can all be contributed to your experience. Experience is a very important factor when it comes to being a designer. But it is always seen that it is free projects that take up most of your times – emails, revisions, corrections etc. So it is always not advisable to do free work very often.

    Don’t get caught up in the idea of perfection

    Perfection is a very tough thing to achieve in design. Something that is perfect for one person might be far from perfection for someone else. While it is good to pay attention to minute details of  project, you must be very careful that concentrating on these details do not hinder your work flow or productivity. You should know when to call it quits regarding a project and feel that it is as good as it can get.

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    Always Learn

    Especially when it a creative field. Being well informed and always being on top of the game can be rewarding. Being aware of the trends and designs will always stand you in good stead when it comes to designing. Clients can be taught about the latest techniques and they can also be made to follow the trends so that they gather really good followers as growing up business.

    Keep it simple, always

    Whatever the trend may be or whatever is the ’in’ thing right now, always keep it simple. Simple is always elegant and works fine with anything. Trends come and go but classics remain!

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