Importance Of Video Marketing In 2018

    Technology changes the people today. It changed not only the human lifestyle but also the whole world. Technology and upcoming trends gave new life and opportunities to each and every sector in the world. One among them is the marketing sector. The online world especially social channels have a major role in marketing strategy. Internet became the hero in video marketing.

    Today people like to watch the video rather than to read. They depend on videos to know about new products. That helps them to easily and simply understand about the products. They found hard and feel difficulty in the reading process. It is sure that the coming days are for videos , increasing rate for youtube and its adds is the best video marketing examples. Now let’s go through some of the important  video marketing trends in 2018

    Videos promote marketing

    The difficult part of marketing strategy is the promotion strategy. Videos help you to simplify your difficult task. Videos have an unavoidable role in marketing. The main video marketing benefit is it will help us to increase our conversion and sales. The only thing you want to keep in mind before adding product video is…. the video must show all characteristics of your brand then only it will reach the people.


    The product video should show all its function and feature then only it will catch consumers attention, this is how we do video marketing. I know making a video is not a simple task, it is very difficult and time-consuming but its result on marketing is something you can’t imagine. Hard work reaches you to success. Video perfection does not matter, you want to concentrate its content side it means the video completely tell about the particular product of given brand by using catching visuals and try to avoid the text or reading format.

    Video increases capital

    I think you guys are very familiar with this topic. In this online world getting money through internet became a common process. People depending more on youtube for this, uploading useful videos on social media and getting money through clicks, share and go on.


    This same criterion can be used in our video marketing strategies for the publicity of our product. It will provide good ROI ( return on investment).  Now the video editing tools are constantly modifying and becoming more affordable and it will help to build more creative and fully product depended video with less cost. Posting and boosting product video through social channels will increase your brand publicity without giving much harm to your budget.

    Trust shows Everything

    Trust is the base of our life and everything in the world. It has a major role in marketing field too. Customer trust is the backbone of every marketing and we can’t build it easily. Without that, we can’t survive in this competitive world.


    I am coming to say that the video content can easily build trust over product among the customers. Because people are focusing on ignition more than content, in order to catch their attention and trust we must give them what they need. Video is a good option for attracting customers and ignite their emotions. Effective video can build trust among customers. Work on it and stop the selling process and allow the customers to come to you for your brand.

    Videos and Social Channels

    Everyone knows about the role of videos in Social channels.  Posting videos about brands on social channels are the cheapest and highly effective way to catch customer attention, trust and promoting brand products. Youtube is one of the best video marketing platform to engage the audience through the different mode of videos like explainer videos, video tutorials, testimonials etc. Studies show that day by day the number of viewers of youtube increasing.

    Now people depending more on video for information because even a less educated people can understand easily about new things without giving that much explanation. So the role of videos in marketing is becoming an essential factor. Other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc have its own important role in video marketing field. Facebook lives to help us to know the customer’s opinion as soon as possible through comments. Today people are more concentrated on stories that post because video in stories takes less time than others. Instagram stories is a  proven marketing tool for brands and this will give huge result when we handled it strategically. Another social platform used to share video content is Twitter.The brands upload teaser, announcement, advertisement, promotional and user-based eye-catching content as twitter videos because it feeds have the fastest scroll.

    Video and mobile go hand in hand

    Mobile has major role in the online world. Now people spending more time on social media through mobiles especially for watching videos. They are depending more on mobiles rather than TV or PC because they are portable and get more privacy( increase personal experience).

    Studies show that mobile video consumption (Youtube) rises about 100% every year. When the smartphone users increase the video audience also increases.  So start to upload eye-catching videos of your brand in the social media and be more sensitive to the personal experience people have on their smartphones. Don’t lose the chance your future is in their CLICKS

    In addition, there are different forms of videos like vertical videos, live videos, animated videos etc that give us diverse experiences. More interesting among them is 360 degrees videos which give a real-time experience to users

    Animated videos in video marketing

    The important aim of video marketing is to attract people by creating eye-catching video content of brands. For that, the video content must be more meaningful which means it must tell all its advantages through the video at a small time. It’s not an easy task. Some usage of products maybe we can’t explain by using real-world experience through video.

    Presenter Media .com

    Animated video is an appropriate solution for this, it will take the audience to the imaginery world and understand about the product or brand in a most attractive way. The major benefit of animated videos is it can convert a difficult concept to more easiest, simplest and interesting concept to users through animations.

    Video energizes Social shares

    Social channels are the best and less expensive marketing process for promoting brands. When we post video content about our brand on social channels, it only worthful if customers were accepted and share it on other channels. So that it will reach more customer through a simple click. For this, we want to make our brand video more attractive then only the customers react to it.

    When we did our work perfectly and usefully, automatically the customers will accept and share with their friends. Hence without any work from our side, our brand promotion take place…….. So the video marketers create any fun entertaining videos to encourage social shares, the people surely share their emotions. Actually, emotions are not exactly ROI but it increases traffic to your site through social shares. So don’t forget to add Share Buttons to Your Video content while you post it.

    Money for video promotion

    It is one of the video marketing tips that using more in today’s marketing strategy. Never think it is very expensive…when compared with its result the money not a matter. By giving money to Google, you are promoting your brand in a high manner.

      We can make partnership with social medias like  YouTubers and other influencers to boost our content marketing. Paid and sponsored videos will help to increase the ROI only if we pay attention to the audience and campaign settings because the successful promotional campaign will drive the right people to our content and increase our sales.

    World getting more digitalized today. To survive this competitive world is not a simple task. Always go with technology and trends. By going through above points hope you understand the role of video marketing in today marketing field. Try to utilize it in your marketing strategy and highlight your brands. Are you still thinking about your brand promotion through video marketing ….Don’t worry we have ColorMean is one of the top branding and web design agency in Dubai offering various kinds of services including website creation, video marketing, email marketing etc. contact us now to know more details.





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