All You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design


    Responsive web designs are a novel take on web designing. It provides an optimal view and maximum interaction from the viewer’s side.  It provides for an easy reading and requires no resizing in browsers. There is also no need of horizontal scrolling in the device.

    Nowadays people browse a website from various devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, notebooks etc. that make use of different platforms like android, iOS, windows etc. Also various digital marketing strategies are gaining prominence. A responsive website designs itself automatically to the window you browse giving you an optimal view in any device you browse. This can be a huge edge when it comes to the traffic as most of us tend to flip websites when they do not appear good on either the mobile or laptop screen.

    On days when people are on the go and would need to browse on the go, responsive websites prove to be the exact thing they would need. Turning your websites into responsive has become a mere necessity as the total internet traffic is half consumed by mobile traffic. Some of the facts about responsive web designing are listed here and is sure to interest you.

    • Google prefers responsive sites

    Google is one of the biggest search engines, plays an important role in making or breaking a website and renders a definition to responsive website. Listing in Google search is considered a success for websites. Websites, when listed in the first set in Google, will a mass great search traffic. These websites will have a huge viewership as it is sort of considered prestigious to be listed by google. This is done with the help of a few templates and algorithms by Google.

    • Fast loading of a website

    When a website turns responsive, it loads fastly in a mobile device too, which is usually tested by a responsive web tester. As the search traffic is now greater on other devices instead of desktops, turning responsive is very important to keep with the search traffic. Thus the websites turning responsive is very important for your website to be successful.

    • Mobile searches

    People nowadays rarely browse on desktops. They always browse on the go with their mobile devices. Websites that look good on mobiles garner more viewers and are slightly more popular than their counterparts without responsive websites. The framework of a working responsive website is thus.

    • Improved UX

    When a website has turned responsive, its user experience also improves. This is one of the best practices of a responsive website. As user experience is a very important factor, turning responsive can be more than important for you and your company. User experience can take your website and your company to heights that you never imagined. This is one of the best examples of how a responsive website can be good for your business.

    • High bounce rate

    As a website doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device, one is tempted to change the website immediately. This is one of the basic reasons for turning responsive. So turning responsive not only increases our visual appeal but it also increases the viewership and also the potential visitors of the site. Adaptive web designing can also be tried to decrease the bounce rate in websites.

    • Available in all devices

    Websites that you have so painstakingly developed will go for a toss when someone sees it in a mobile screen. The images, texts and other mock-ups will surely be disoriented when you see it in the mobile device. That is a pure waste of talent & money. So it is better to change to responsive website for the artist as well as the company. At least you will know that people see your work as you want them to see it!

    • Keeps your website looking good

    You would have designed your website keeping in mind a desktop. Just because people see it in different devices, you do not need to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of your website. That is where a responsive website helps you. It optimizes your website for any device, any resolution.

    • Responsive websites yield for SEO services

    Search engine optimizations are the things of today. So when they say a responsive website yields more easily for an SEO service, it is sure worth changing into a responsive website.

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    • Easy management

    Maintaining a desktop website and a mobile version of it is a double work. You will have to maintain the websites separately and that may sometimes become an added burden for everyone. That is why you can turn your website responsive and save yourself from all that hard work. This is one of the most useful advantages of a responsive website.

    At Color Mean, we make all our websites responsive and make sure that they are compatible in almost all devices, browsers and platforms. Being one among the top web design company in Dubai, we make sure your website looks good in all type of screens and that people find it more attractive.


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