Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2018
    Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends To Follow In 2018

    Today, we are living in a digitalized world. All are running behind the new Trends. The changes happened in technology reflects humans life fastly. Mobile has an important role in human life. Without mobile and net, people can’t live… the world’s behavior changed that way. Mobile technology changed human a lot not only his lifestyle but also in their day to day activities. Now all things are available through simple clicks.

    The Internet is the main source of everything. Apps and websites made the world simpler and closer. The words like AR, VR, IoT, ML etc creating new trends  in mobile application development technology and digitally changing the whole world phase. To succeed today (in this mobile world) designers and developers must have the insight and well prepare for new challenges around the corner.
    Let us check out some of the latest mobile app design trends of 2018

    1.  Material Design

    Material Design is used to build attractive apps with modular and standard UI components. By definition, Material Design is a linked system that combines theory, resources, and tools for creating digital experiences. It was the living document of visual, interactive and motion guidance brought to the world by Google Inc. In the year 2014. After that, a lot of updating has been done to modify the app appearance.

    The new version includes more features for web designing (eg.Easy-Going Approach with Simple Color Choices) and it helps the designer to build the app icons more attractive and creative. Icons have a significant role in inspiring the user’s mind. The new concept of material design will teach the designers to use the free spaces smartly and help to choose an excellent background. Designers will be able to add extra highlights when building their app icon in order to make them more user-friendly.

    2.  Face ID and Touch ID to Unlock Phone

    It is the time to say bye-bye to the unlocking methods of the phone like password, pin or pattern. We don’t want to waste our time for the verification process. Now we can easily unlock our phone using new technology Face ID and Touch ID without losing its secureness.

    As with Touch ID, all Face ID data stays on a unique chip inside your iPhone X called the Secure Enclave. So, no one can hack our data from the cloud. For Face ID, you just keep your eyes wide open and look towards the screen of the phone, then it unlocked.

    Actually here, the infrared sensors of the TrueDepth camera scan the infrared dots onto the face and then authenticate against data stored in the Secure Enclave in this way its technical part moving on. For Touch ID, only one step for authentication that is fingerprint scanning. Which means that Face ID can actually be faster in practice than Touch ID. However, there is one way that Touch ID can be used that Face ID can’t and that’s to unlock an iPhone when the owner is asleep.

    3.  More of Video-Based Content than Text.

    Now people are more interest in watching videos rather than reading books. The Internet is their good friend more than the books. The increasing rate of youtube videos is the best proof for people depending videos for getting information. People can catch the knowledge or idea easily through videos than reading through lines in a book. In addition, the video will help the less educated people to understand. While they cannot understand the complexity of the words indicated in the text.

    Today people are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than a static banner ad. Our eyes are always attracted towards the movement than motionless words. So the movement that videos produce naturally draws peoples attention. Hence the UX design scenario will drift with more videos getting added to catch user’s impression.

    4.  In-App Gesticulation

    Gestures increase the speed in user action and help them to interact with devices of varying shapes and sizes. In every app or game or anything on our phone includes a swipe, tap or pinch to function. These gestures are the hidden features that help the working of great mobile apps.

    Gestures are used to perform a specific task. For example, Top for Touch surface briefly, Drag for Move along the surface without breaking contact, Press for Touch surface and hold etc. Actually, these all hand-play makes the user experience more genuine and deletes boundaries between a smartphone and its owner.

    Animated hint paired with text instruction. Image credit: Material Design

    In addition, Gestures are always connected to animations in mobile design. The animation is the primary way that user interfaces signal users to complete an action or task.

    5.  AR and VR Apps Moving Forward

    Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) will help designers to design smarter and make more informed creative decisions. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the way we interact with media, information and even each other. They have the power to shift our behavior and us in a totally different world.

    VR makes designers deal with a three-dimensional image. Now people can get to imaginary places by using VR  without having a magic wand. Well, we will surely need a special gadget, but there is no witchcraft.

    AR contain contextual elements to inform users about the data streaming in from the real world. The main aim of AR is to make User experience be highly simplified. For this, customers get much information without any command from their side. It reduces additional actions from the user’s side and makes the application more user-friendly.

    6.  Wearing vs. Carrying

    We can’t even think about the growth of technology… growing so fast and out of our imagination. It breaks the wall between user and device. Now we can wear android app development trends like Apple Watch and Android Wear. It makes mobile devices closer to the user.
    Apple Watch has taken human hearts with various companionable apps available, challenging Android Wear to better their performance and compatibility with Play Market.

    animated apple watch gif

    On another side, It has many difficulties like the size of the watch brings limitations to the number of elements placed on the screen, battery capacity etc. Maybe this limitation will affect its existence, so its necessary and challenging for designers to move towards next step. Anyway, This is definitely one of the most exciting trends in the mobile app design.

    7.  Emotional Experiences

    Emotional Experiences or Emotional Intelligence(EI) is a powerful way to make the user experience more attractive and entertaining. Even in the period of command string interfaces, we used emoticons to make other people understand what we feel. One of the technologies that used to express emotions is Animoji. Animoji is animated emoji which respond to facial expressions via the iPhone X camera

    Studies show that more than 90% of people use emojis or emoticons in digital communications.

    Another latest mobile ui design trend for expression is Mimic Emotions In UI Feedback. It is a human-like feedback when we interact with products. Even though we know that the products aren’t humans and can’t feel emotions, we want to believe that they can. Another interesting way to convey expression is Natural Interactions With Apps. Instead of tapping on the button or icon, directly drawing ‘heart’ icon on the screen naturally when you like any content.

    8.  Advanced Personalization

    Personalization…the word itself says what it is…technology follows us like our personal assistant. Which means the mobile devices are traveling with users, the apps installed on the devices can use site information to provide content which will be important to user’s current area. This makes facilities more reactive to the environments around them. Starbucks is the best mobile app design which offers this same property.

    Nature of users is different from each other. Some of them are less eyesight or some of them blind. Personalization in UI design isn’t only about content, so by utilizing user information it will provide bigger font size and make the sound louder when playing videos in order make it more user-friendly.

    9.  Full-Screen Experiences

    Always people prefer the larger screen for watching videos. Now all changing to HD(High Definition) images and Videos. The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, frameless design became a trend and all screens space available for users and they expect to have full-screen experiences.

    We can create Fullscreen Experiences On Mobile with Canvas. Canvas is an immersive platform that makes it simple to create fullscreen, engaging experiences and life to mobile.
    Since the launch of the iPhone, users have been able to install Web Apps on the home screen and have them launch as full-screen web apps. The quality of assets will have a direct impact on user expectations about web apps.

    10.  Cashless Payments

    Cashless payment changes the entire shopping behavior of shoppers. It is quickly becoming a new standard for many users. ‘Amazon Go’ is the best example of cashless payments by using smartphones. The number of people who use this method of payment is increasing day by day. It helps their shopping process more simple and easier. Users need not waste their time by standing in the queue for bill payment.

    Digital payment platforms have eased cashless transactions, and have been especially popular since demonetization. These platforms are capable of making payments in online as well as in offline mode. As a result, in 2018 we’ll have to give Apple Pay/Android Pay as a default option for our products.


    The mobile world consisting mobile web design and modern trends have an unavoidable role in humans life. Human habits mostly connect to mobiles. Now people using mobile for new trends more than the old calling actions. They always walk behind the technology…new trends….it will continue till life last on earth. All trends and technologies are in the born stage. Let us see magical future of mobile apps and their development growth together and try to follow them.

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