Top Exciting Things About Mobile Friendly Websites

    Mobile friendly websites are websites that are optimized for mobile viewing. These websites will not be skewed when viewed in a mobile device. This is the definition of a mobile friendly website. Responsive web designs provides an optimal view and maximum interaction from the viewer’s side. Non mobile friendly websites will have a disadvantage that they will not be displayed correctly when it comes to mobile devices.

    Making mobile friendly websites are the trend now as as many as 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices rather than desktops or PCs. It is said that there are more mobile connections than people in this world. The world today is a fast paced one and people are all on the go today. They are all travelling constantly. Even the workplace has evolved such that there is no concept as an office now. People tend to work on the go. For their convenience, people have started using their mobile device extensively. It is also researched that the worldwide shipment of PCs have also been on an ever low decline. All these reasons tell us that making a mobile friendly website is definitely the order of the day for any business person looking forward to securing a space in the virtual world.

    Top exciting things about mobile friendly websites

    Another very interesting fact is that mobile friendly websites yield to SEO practices very easily than the non mobile friendly websites. Optimization of the mobile friendly websites are done much more efficiently than in other forms of websites. SEO practices are much effective when it is a mobile friendly website.

    People always do not travel with their desktops or PCs with them. The device they will always carry with themselves is the mobile. They would definitely be happy if something that they had to look up in a PC is available in the mobile device with the same content and feel. They would of course opt for a mobile site. Another big reason to switch to a mobile site as soon as possible.

    A mobile friendly website has the ability to attract more viewers into a website. A mobile friendly website will garner more traffic into the website. So by optimizing your website for a mobile device, you will be able to perform SEO practices in a much more effective way.

    There are many advantages when you optimize your website for mobile devices. Some of them are –

    More sales 

    People browse in the mobile and when they see good websites they tend to buy things easily and more than they had planned on.

    Brand reinforcement 

    People are looking forward to a smooth mobile experience in your website. A bad experience may impact negatively on you as well as your brand.

    Cost saving 

    In an ordinary website you will have to maintain the main site as well as the mobile site separately. A mobile friendly website can cut the cost majorly as they are the same.

    Good for SEO

    Search engine giant Google lists mobile friendly websites in their results. SEO practices are more effective in mobile friendly websites.

    For every mobile friendly website to be successful and for it to serve it’s purpose, a few features are to be kept in mind. Some of them are listed down

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    Easy access to your contact information

    When you create a mobile friendly website, it would be much easier if you create a simple path for the users to grab hold of your contact information. This can create a good first impression on your users.

    Zoom/move product images

    Mobile screens are much smaller than PCs or laptops. People tend to zoom in or move product images for a better view. People should be allowed to zoom or move images and the images used must be of good quality so that the users can see things clearly once they are zoomed.  

    Optimized for users

    When you are building a website for mobile devices, be sure to optimize it in detail as you would for a website for PCs. The experience your website gives people will surely get noticed. All the images, links and other elements can make the website experience rich for the mobile users.

    Legibility of the site

    Mobile devices are much smaller than the PCs or laptops and so readability of the text is very much essential when it comes to mobile friendly websites. Zooming in to read the content may not be favoured by every user.


    The mobile site must coincide with the original site so that people will recognize it as the same company’s. Recognition factor can be pretty high when both the sites are similar in feel and look.

    App-like experience

    People have become fans of apps in mobiles. Rather than giving them a website experience, you can go in for an app experience. This experience is sure to increase the site traffic for mobile sites.

    Social Media integration

    Mobiles are chiefly used for browsing social media platforms. Integrating it into the mobile sites can prove to be a very good move as it makes the site more interactive as well as interesting for elders and youngsters alike.

    Multi-language support

    As mobiles are used by people all over the world, one needs to have multi language facility in a mobile site. This is mainly to pull in vernacular traffic to the site along with other miscellaneous ones.

    Examples of best mobile friendly websites

    There are many websites that are mobile friendly. They all have very easy to access mobile sites for people to have a seamless experience when it comes to their brand. Some of the best developed mobile friendly websites are BuzzFeed, HuffingtonPost etc.

    Mobiles are the trends of today and business is all about the catching up with trends. So making a mobile friendly website wouldn’t hurt anyone and in fact it can even be beneficial for you. Turn your website into a mobile site. We know what you are thinking. You are literally out of your wits with all the features you will have to look into in building a mobile website.

    We are one among the top web design agency in Dubai and we are sure we can sort out all your problems and help you reach that level you wanted your company to be in. We help you in building your mobile site as well as your desktop site the way you want it in a flawless manner. Contact us today for further details.

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