How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

    Video contents have been the most popular part of social media marketing lately. Marketing with words or content has been the trend of past as videos and visual storytelling has been the call of the day in this tech century. Content doesn’t have the power to make people sit up and take notice. You need to have an engaging video content that can engage people and make them stay in your page or to make them read what you have written. Multimedia works the best in these cases.

    So a video content can take your company from being a zero to a hero. These videos do engage more people from more age group. When you give people a page full of words and a video, people would obviously go to the video content because that engages them and helps drive the point home – straight, sharp and to the ‘T’!

    How To Promote Your Brand Using Video Content

    More than 74% of people see 3/4th of a video that is uploaded in the internet. They have a high engaging rank and people are hooked up in seeing one video after another. More video content has been generated by uploaded in the internet than it has been broadcasted on tv for 2 decades. Such is the power of video content on netizens.

    It is estimated that around 33% 0f smartphone and tablet users view 2 hours of video content daily. 55% of people watch video content on internet daily. With such huge engagement and participation, who wouldn’t want their followers and likers to watch a video uploaded by them.

    So why is it really necessary for a company to put up video content for its follower? There are somethings that a video can give your company that nothing else can give you. Lets see what it gives to its followers.

    Boosts Conversions and Sales

    An interesting video in the landing page of your website can be a game change for you and your company. It is said that the video on your website’s landing page can increase your company’s conversions. It is also said that people usually end up buying products they saw in a video. Thus it can also increase your sales value.

    Great Return of Investment

    Even though a video is not the easiest to pull off or make, it has great return of investment. It is not really very easy to make one and upload it. But with all the editing tools and softwares constantly updating their tools, it has become fairly easy to edit a video and make it presentable. Moreover it has been researched and found that a video need not be flawless every time. The perfect example is YouTube.The viewers are just into details gathering through a video. A poorly explained video can be a bad mark but never a poorly edited one!

    The Trust Factor

    Trust is a very important factor when it comes to conversions and sales. Building up trust can be a huge task. Trust is the foundation of it all. It is researched and found that videos on your website can up the trust factor among your potential clients and customers. In this era of internet shopping, there are people who are afraid to do so fearing fake products. A video on your products and their delivery can work wonders on your customer’s psyche.


    Google has been loving videos a much too much nowadays. So they have been listing websites with videos on the landing page. The ranking of such videos and websites have been high. For SEO purpose, it is very much easier for a website with landing video to be ranked in Google. You can even optimize your video for youtube for a wider and larger range.

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    Mobile Users

    Mobile users are likely to view videos on the go. The advertisements that we skip in the tv are viewed by mobile video watchers. Somehow it appeals to them more when they watch it on their small screen or on the go. But video makers should be aware of the interference they do to the individual mobile users.


    Videos can explain things in a more precise and correct way than words can. Words can be interpreted in many ways while the video has it all spelt and explained for correctly. If you want people to be aware of something or to be cautioned for something or something similar to it a video van work wonders in making people understand and engage themselves.


    Even the laziest person can be engaged using a video. It appeals to everyone and anyone in any age group. It can educate, entertain and liberate any individual. Visual media is that powerful!

    Social Shares

    The most number of social shares are for videos. They contribute to the most number of activities in various social media.

    These are the reasons why you should be promoting a video on your website or social media networks!

    Videos are much better tools of understanding for people. Multimedia like videos have a lasting impression on people’s mind & that can be a head start in the business. We, Color Mean Creative Studio, a branding and web design agency in Dubai, can create engaging videos for business. Contact us today for further details.

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