Tips To Build A Parallax Website

    The website has a major role in this digitalized world. Actually, web designs giving life to the website.

    Today, many varieties of web designs are available in the market. By using this we can build more beautiful, creative, stylish and also innovative websites. One of the most modern web design to build a fantabulous website is parallax scrolling. May be you are familiar with this design through video games….Are you still thinking about what it is?don’t be more confuse….. I will tell u about parallax website and tips to build a simple parallax website

    Before going to the building section, Firstly I will tell you what is a parallax web design.

    What is Parallax Web design?

    Parallax web design is the modern web design trends used to build websites that easily catch visitors attraction. By definition, it is one of the web design trends that refuses to go away is parallax scrolling. With this, the website layout shows the background of the web page moving at a slower level to the foreground, making a 3D effect as we scroll. This 3Deffect  of parallax scrolling can be used in parallax animation. Adam, Myriad,  Garden studio are some great examples for parallax scrolling websites

    How to create parallax Website?

    After understanding the parallax design. Next method is to know how to build websites using this parallax design. Actually, this design is not a new technique, we used it earlier in video games. So it is not a difficult task to build a website using parallax scrolling but it is not that much easier too. However, let’s make it easier by following 4 methods.

    A method using layer-By depending upon our preference, the background can be move in a multiple-way (horizontally, vertically) and can be combined with one another.

    Method using sprite– one big image consist of multiple images that highlights only specific parts of that image when at various positions.

    Method using Repeating pattern-Scrolling displays construct up of distinct tiles can be built to float over a repeating background layer.

    Raster method– Lines of pixels in a picture are commonly combined and refreshed in top-to-bottom order with a small lag between drawing one line and the next line.

    I think you got at least the overall outline of parallax website dimensions
    to create the simple parallax web design.

    File structure

    We have three folders and one HTML file as file structure to create parallax design. They are index.html(main file), js folder(Java Script/jQuery), img folder(images), CSS folder(styling).

    file open dialog box

    Parallax scrolling in Web design

    Web designers started combining parallax scrolling in 2001 onward to create parallax website using HTML and CSS.  It is a simple way to support the flexibility of the Web. It is the tool to better attract users and modify the complete experience that a website provides.

    By using parallax js(simple JavaScript frameworks )we can create our own eye-catching parallax scrolling effects without having to write much of our own JavaScript at all. Parallax scrolling effect can be integrated with any website through jQuery parallax plugins.

    Parallax plugins

    Let’s go through some of the parallax effect jquery plugins that organize with images or background images.
    jInvertScroll– It is a lightweight plugin for jQuery that help us to move in horizontal with a parallax scrolling effect when we go down.

    Parallax.js-Parallax Engine that responds to the direction of a smart device. The position of the cursor is used when there is no motion detection hardware is available. is one of the best parallax.js examples.

    Scroll Magic-It is another  jQuery plugin which act like a progress bar. It can animate based on scroll position and by using this we can add parallax effects effortlessly to the website.

    StartScroll-Starscroll is a jQuery plugin that adds a full-screen starfield, provide in canvas, guarded by CSS.

    By using these best parallax plugin, you can create fantastic parallax effect websites to catch visitors attention.

    Mobile parallax

    Parallax effects can be a highly effective way to attract users during the simple act of scrolling. It has a lavish space on Websites but it comes to mobile screen it faces a lot of limitations. Mobile browsers place a limit on script execution during scroll. Hence parallax effects not effective till the scrolling has come to an end.

    A new scrolling parallax library named Steller.js  overcome all the limitation that we facing for Mobile parallax. It gave appropriate solution for the problem ‘ lack of scrolling overflow support.’ by applying small, nested scrolling panes in order to better fit more content on tiny screens . The steps to add mobile support  are

    -Firstly, add a mobile-friendly meta tag:

    -Next phase to add a couple of divs for iScroll(“wrapper” “scroller” )

    -Finally,  to include the JavaScript for iScroll

    CSS Parallax Scrolling Effect

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) can often be applied a number of common tasks which are generally  applicable in JavaScript libraries without much effort. It is something powerful that react above our expectation. Parallax effect is the great example for CCS ( parallax background CSS) where page content scroll more faster than the background images to give an illusion of distance.

    Actually, this miracle happens in parallax background CSS is because of the form of styling. Few steps to follow the CSS general styling are

    -Firstly, adding styles to body tag

    -Add another general styling to include the positioning of the elements on screen

    – Style the header section(image addition include in this step)

    -Add styles to quotes, author, and images and also add some padding to each slide to center the elements inside it.

    -Lastly, style the copyright text and center it to the screen.

    These are the step we want to follow to make a responsive parallax CSS to give the parallax scrolling effect as website visitors navigate through the website.

    HTML markup

    The parallax settings explained in the HTML of each element won’t change, so we would be divine achievements if we were capturing these values in every scroll event. Few step used to make HTML markup for the parallax element are

    – Add a header tag with logo and navigation inside (where navigation will link to the specific slides  and add a smooth scrolling effect to make it look good.)

    -Add the slides ( put an ID on each slide )

    -Finally, put a class of content to center the elements inside the slides

    Actually, here we will add first the HTML5 doctype and series of links on the head section and this will carry our link to the CSS file and Google Fonts links tracked by jQuery library file. This is how to parallax html css to the parallax scrolling effect.

    Parallax Scrolling templates

    Now market is rich in most outstanding HTML and CSS3 Parallax Website Templates. Lets know some of the prominent templates available today

    Stash– Stash is new well blessed and 5-star rate WordPress theme. It helps us to adjust our views on versatility and fully documented and ready with 24/7 support.

    Elementary-It is a professionally graphically designed, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one-page website template. It is very easily customizable at every stage and contains an incredible array of Parallax powered sections.

    Oshine-Oshine is a bootstrap parallax template and it is technologically proficient and visually impressive. It is conceptually unique, innovative and more creative. Hence it can easily catch the visitors attention.

    Volar-It is another beautiful and very well polished Parallax minimal one-page website template. Volar is a professionally graphically designed and completely immersive template.  More than that it is very easy to use and highly intuitive.

    Milo-It is another type of bootstrap parallax template. It is a well structured and highly accessible HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. The important feature of Milo is continuously updated and decked always with most powerful web development technologies.

    Parallax scrolling web design help us to make attractive, creative and innovative websites. Today varieties of parallax templates available in market. By utilizing that, try to build a  parallax effect website as your own style without saying all are tough and impossible. Make all things possible through continuous practice and  follow these trends and to make them your biggest strength, approach ColorMean Creative Studio, web design agency in Dubai. Contact us today for further details.

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