Top Mistakes To Be Avoided By Every UX Designers
    Top Mistakes To Be Avoided By Every UX Designers

    When you start off in the design and internet media industry, it is very easy to forget the end game that you will have to face. In an industry that people look up to and is updated about on a daily basis, the method is as important as the end result that you are looking for. Having a bad design, having some content out of the loop or an animation that doesn’t work properly are some of the design problems. Design is indeed a very important thing and it is going to be the primary thing to take at hand. A designer should keep in mind some UX design elements while designing.

    So here are a few mistakes every designer does when they make a UX website. These mistakes should be corrected.

    Wrong Typography

    Wrong typography can drag you down a long way as it can hamper the way people see the content or the design you have worked out. Wrong typography can also sometimes miscommunicate things that you will want to communicate. It can backfire very badly on your brand image as well as the things you may want to communicate.  The trick is never to use 2 or 3 different font families at a time. It can thoroughly confuse people and it can also look bad aesthetically. A balance in terms of designs and fonts are always preferred by people.

    Match the feel and look of font with the designs and concepts you use. It shouldn’t be jarring and shouldn’t be an eyesore when the customers look at the design and concept. The thickness and the contrasts of the font matters when you use it on the top of an image. The font as well as the image must be deciphered by the clients as well as the customer. Even with nothing so major to look for, a type or a font must be readable and they must be easily recognizable. Always test your typography on different screen sizes and devices to check that they are decipherable in all the possible ways. This is important for enterprise application UX.

    Not optimizing a design for mobile

    Mobile optimization is an important task. Websites are mobile optimized for the best view of these websites from the devices. Failing to do them can be a very costly mistake. It can cost them several clients. Always make sure your website is workable on a mobile device. The buttons and design and visual elements that you have worked out on the desktop must appear on the mobile site too and they must be functional. Always have a test of your website on a mobile device so that you can have a final run through to check if things are at place and are in the desired shape and feature. This is a common design problem in everyday life of everyone.

    Not using enough white space

    White space is a designer’s god sent gift. White space not only declutters your design but it also makes sure that your designs have the space to breathe. It works as a partition for the designs and they can be used to neatly stack your design for people to look at with rapt attention. Playing with margins, designs and other elements can be a hide and seek with white space. Adjusting the size of various design element in order to give priority as well as space for main elements will work fine and will also be a great step towards design hierarchy.

     Using too many effects

    It is not a grave mistake if you would want to spruce up our website a little bit. But it can become a fatal and costly one if you put in multiple effects that will eventually ruin the design and its user experience. The effects can go haywire when you put them in different devices. Different devices may showcase these different effects in various ways.  So if an effect doesn’t go well within a device, never try having that as it may backfire in the optimization of the website.

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    Using too much colors

    Colors are the life of a website. Yes, but using them extensively can be a bit extravagant. You may actually end up losing the real purpose of the website in this process. Colors can be distractive and it can take the focus from what the website has been built for actually. 93% of people look at the visual appearance of a product while 84.7% of people look at the colors used on the product as well as for the product to determine whether to buy it or not. Based on these researched, it is said that the usage of much colors can backfire more than making it attractive and good to look at.

    Not conducting usability test

    After you have setup a website, it is very important to check its usability factor. There are many usability tests that you can perform on these websites to check the user experience they give to your customers. This way you can make sure that you iron out all the last minute problems and set right all the design flaws you might have overlooked.

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