Top Web Design Trends For 2018
    Web Design Trends For 2018

    Today world gets digitilizing so fast. All words are connect with online.  Year by year technology giving birth to new trends in every field. As usual, people are very eager to know about the coming trends.

    Webdesign have a creative role in this online world. Good designed Web sites help people to know more about trends, technology or anything they want under the sky……may be above that….the growth is going out of infinity. Let’s go through some Web design trends that will define website and digital product design(web design market trends) in 2018. There are also some web design tips and tricks for 2018.

    1. More Bright Color

    Colors have the significant role in web designing. Colors giving life to the websites. Especially bright colors will help the customers to understand the information fastly because the bold color is eye-catching and can help the user to build their design in the most attractive way. Bright and bold color choices bring a creative feel to users.

    Color choices can create an amazing artistic and create a trendier feeling for websites. Contrast is a very impressive move to give attention to some elements of a webpage. Now designers and developers concentrate more on creating that contrast with color.  Using Contrasting color in website became a  trend in  today market to catch the visitor’s attention. Studies show that 60% of acceptance or rejection of a website depends on color impressions. Actually, the color has the ability to generate a positive impact on the visitor.

    Check: An Ultimate Guide On Color Theory To Designers

    2.Natural Language Search and Voice

    Now we were start to reject the form ‘type of searching’, that has led the web since the arrival of search engines. Today we are mostly interest in Natural Language Search. Natural Language Search is a search using regular spoken language. Using this type of search we can ask the database a question or phrase like we talking to someone. These queries can be written into a search engine, spoken aloud with voice search, or mannered as a question to a digital assistant like Siri or Cortana.

    Natural Language Search also creates a change in web designing. In future maybe some of the web design will be audible. Actually, this technique is not well prominent today. But tomorrow it will integrate a world of voice and language will be imperative for website design projects. For this we should start our planning now, then only we will be easily able to incorporate it into future projects. Because natural language search is only going to grow in usage and universality.

    3.Subtle Animation

    Animation always gives us some surprise. When we apply animation in web design to make the website, the output will be more impressive for visitors. Subtle animation is the movement within the design itself without taking loading time.This always creates something which is very realistic and makes the visitors feel like the website have the life.

    We should carefully consider all difficulties of the website when applying animations to it. Sometimes this animation works will effect the performing ability of the website and UX. However, subtle animation can help the visitor to find the correct element at the right time.

    4.SVG images

    Scalable Vector Graphics are becoming more common today. SVG images can be used as an image format, in a number of contexts eg; HTML <img>or elements<svg>.

    Images role in a website is very important, so the availability of SVG formats for images will highly helpful for designers to include content oriented pics in the website and also to catch visitor attention. It also works well with multimedia and still images experiences, including logo animations, 360-degree photography and 3D images. SVG can have excellent small file sizes which can be easily resized and improved. SVG is much more effective than other image formats. Hence, we can use on the web as we can handle them with code and make website more content through images.

    5.Asymmetrical Grids

    Now world chooses more asymmetrical designs than symmetrical ones because it is the web design new trends. Actually, it is very difficult to build by designers but its result will give amazing balanced layouts for websites and easily impress visitors. Some designers completely stay away from asymmetrical projects because it can be complex to use. The designers can use asymmetry to build balance and harmony even though two sides of the design do not identicals.

    Asymmetry is the most stunning idea in our design toolkit. It is an impression-capturing facility that is attractive and thought-provoking. For a good asymmetrical design project, “imbalanced” balanced design is a must factor because no one part of the project is too heavy for the rest. We can create this balance by adding focus on high color contrast and combinations, offsetting elements with space (eg; placing simple image against a larger white background.), creating emphasis with motion (in order to deviate visitor attraction from heavier to lighter object). Anyway, Asymmetrical designs are heavy but it is natural, normal and accustomed.

    6.Virtual Reality Video

    Virtual Reality(VR) is highly recommendable for this digitized world. It makes the real world more close to us and it is the latest web page design trend. VR videos are fascinating video content opened through the use of virtual reality headsets. It will give the users a realistic feel through their senses(eyes and hear).

    The main target of the website to impress customers or visitors. VR videos are the best website design trend used to attract users. VR video content help to present our products and services in the most favorable light in order to bring an eye-catching experience to visitors. All web design modern trends are clouded by VR and AR(Augmented Reality) and providing the top of user experience to visitors. It is one of the best web design market trends used today.

    7.Variable fonts

    Font has an important role in web designing. More than an image or V R video, the website conveying its major message through text. The Font style is the main element used to write text. By definition, A font is a set of printable or showable text character s in a distinct style and size. A typeface is the type design for a set of fonts and changes of this design form the typeface family. For example, Serif is a typeface family, Serif italic is a typeface, and Serif italic 10-point is a font.

    In older times our Typography was very weak. We have only less amount of typeface available. But today, We have an extensive variety of attractive typeface design of fonts, managing to innovative levels of interest in typography.It creates a lot of changes and increases the style of today’s website. Now we can include web design latest trends like multiple fonts in a single font file(John Hudson’s more direct version) through a visual art like letterform design.

    8.Design Systematized.

    Systemizing the design means we are organizing, arranging or planning the design process for formulating a website. When a design language is systemized, it reduces decision-making, decreases the time needed for development and helps the designers to work on projects with higher-profile where design frames haven’t proven already.

    However, By systemizing any type of projects like graphic, web, programming, or anything else….it helps to finish the work faster, keeps the project well organized and gives better results which are matched to meet (ideally) any UI’s unique needs.

    9.CSS grid

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the core technology use for building Web pages. It provides the visual and aural web design technology trends. CSS Grid Layout is one of the real web design layout trends accessible in CSS for the web. It is a 2-dimensional system , designed for handling content in both columns and rows and finally gives to developers.

    Grid layout provides authors great capability of reorganization over the document. It can be used to layout main page space or small UI elements. Designers get complete freedom over web screen by using CSS grid. So that they can build the website more attractive without any limitation.

    10.Playful illustration

    Illustration is the best way to get the attention of visitors. Today people have more interest in visual contents rather than reading manner. Actually, Illustration is the process of providing things with pictures in order to easily understand the theme to users.  Also, the same criteria can be used in our web design too.

    We can include beautiful images in our web design and make our website more attractive and contentive. Today, illustrations come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles and it is considered to be an effective element to inject personality into the website. It is the best way to presenting or showcasing information and don’t allow the visitors get bored by simply adding dry content on the website. It can convert any tough or hard content into more understandable way through visualization so that the less educated visitors can easily understand the website. Illustration makes everything clear and justifiable.

    Bottom Line

    Our main objective to catch visitors attention.For that, we want to make an eye-catching website. I know that it is not a very easy task, but try by using these current web design trends and techniques. I am sure that it will help you to make an attractive content oriented website. Let’s see more varieties of web design for upcoming days. 2018 going to give you more surprising and innovative trends in web designing.

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